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Academic Renewal

Academic Renewal

Students who have experienced academic difficulty at Georgia Highlands College may have one opportunity to make a fresh start at the institution after an absence of five or more calendar years from any higher education Institution. Georgia Highlands College students must apply and be granted academic renewal to have a fresh start on their cumulative GPA.

The following regulations apply to the Academic Renewal process:

1. A renewal GPA is begun when the student resumes taking course work following approval for Renewal status.

2. The Academic Renewal GPA will be used for determining academic standing and eligibility for graduation. To earn a degree, a student must meet the institutionís residency requirement by earning at least 20 semester hours of credit after acquiring Renewal status. At least 50% of work toward a degree must be completed after the granting of Academic Renewal status for a student to be eligible for graduation with honors.

3. Academic credit for previously completed course work--including transfer course work--will be retained only for courses in which an A, B or C grade has been earned. Retained grades are not calculated in the renewal GPA, but are counted toward degree completion in much the same way as transfer credit. All coursework earned remains a part of the studentís academic history.

4. All courses with D or F grades must be completed at Georgia Highlands College if they are required in the studentís degree program. All remaining course work for the degree must also be completed at Georgia Highlands College. No transfer work will be accepted.

5. Institutions to which the student may transfer may or may not recognize the Academic Renewal GPA for the transfer GPA to their institution.

Application for Renewal must be made through the Office of the Registrar where additional information regarding the program is also available. All coursework earned remains a part of the studentís academic history regardless of being granted academic renewal. Explanation of and application for Academic Renewal may be obtained in any of the campus administrative offices or the Registrarís Office at the Floyd campus.

Page last updated: March 31, 2013