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Academic Progress

Academic Progress

If after attempting 12-23 semester credit hours a student’s adjusted GPA is below 2.0, the student is placed on academic warning. If after more than 23 attempted credit hours the student’s adjusted GPA falls below 2.0, the student is placed on academic probation.

Students on  academic probation cannot enroll in Maymester courses.

Once on academic probation, the student must then make at least a 2.0 term GPA during the next and any subsequent semesters until the adjusted GPA is 2.0 or more or the student will be placed on academic dismissal.

The duration of an academic dismissal is as follows:

First academic dismissal:  One semester

Second academic dismissal:    One calendar year (must re-admit)

Third academic dismissal:  Five-year suspension (must re-admit)

After each dismissal, students returning to Georgia Highlands College will be placed on probation until the adjusted GPA is 2.0 or greater.

Any student placed on an academic dismissal may make an appeal before the Academic Progress committee.  The committee may impose academic restrictions or requirements to which the student must adhere or risk termination of classes and revocation of the granted appeal.

All students who transfer to Georgia Highlands are subject to the policy as described above for the course work taken at their previous institution.

Page last updated: April 16, 2012