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Types of Assistance Available

Types of Assistance Available

Student aid programs at Georgia Highlands College consist of grants, scholarships, student employment and loans. The funds for these programs are provided from state, federal, private and institutional sources. Examples include:


Federal Aid

Pell Grants                  

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants


Federal Work Study Program


State Aid

HOPE Scholarships and Grants           

HOPE General Education Diploma vouchers

Vocational Rehabilitation                               

LEAP Grants               

Georgia Public Safety Memorial Grant                       

ICAPP Nursing Loans

Governor’s Scholarship                                  

Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship

Georgia HERO Scholarship                

Service Cancelable Loans


Institutional and Private Aid

A listing of institutional and private scholarships is available on the Georgia Highlands College Web site at http://www.gahighlandsalumni.com/s/1181/index.aspx?sid=1181&gid=1&pgid=347.  Descriptions of the scholarships and criteria for application are on this Web site. Information on other general scholarships is also located there.  Scholarships offered through the Georgia Highlands College Foundation include:


Bartow County Service Scholarship                            

Walraven Scholarship

Carlin-Routledge Nursing Scholarship            

BloomfieldDental Hygiene Scholarship

Callahan Scholarship                                                  

Eakes Nursing Scholarship           

Criminal Justice Scholarship                                       

Shanahan Scholarship

Foundation Scholarships                                             

Grizzard Scholarship

McCorkle Creative Society Scholarship                      

GeorgiaHighlands CollegeNon-traditional

Lovie Borchardt Memorial Scholarship                                  

Scholarships for Education Majors                                         

Jim and Ida Cook Study Abroad Scholarship


Georgia HOPE Scholarships and Grants


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