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Financial Aid Denials Refunds and Repayments

Financial Aid Denials, Refunds and Repayments

Students who are otherwise eligible to receive assistance from Federal Title IV student assistance programs, will be denied that assistance if they owe a refund on grants or are in default on repayment of a Title IV student loan, whether received at Georgia Highlands College or any other post secondary institution. Institutional policy has expanded this provision to include state, institutional or private aid administered by the college.

Students receiving assistance from any financial aid program administered by the college will be expected to refund a portion of that aid to the appropriate programs if they withdraw from the college prior to a specified point of the academic term in which the assistance was received. The amount of the restoration expected from the student is based on a formula approved by the U.S. Department of Education and is determined by the Georgia Highlands College Accounting Office. Students who have received financial assistance from an external, private source are expected to notify the donors of that assistance that they have withdrawn from school.

Page last updated: March 11, 2010