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Printed Materials Policy

Printed Materials Policy

All printed materials produced by the college must be reviewed and approved by the college relations office in order to preserve and maintain the Georgia Highlands College brand. This includes advertisements, fliers, newsletters, collateral materials and departmental Web sites as well as any other publications. The following procedure will be used in the completion of all jobs.

  1. Complete and submit the work order form. Include all copy and design specifications. If the order is a reprint of a pervious publication, submit a copy of the original. No jobs will be processed without first being submitted with a work order. All discussions of job specifications should take place after a work order has been submitted and approved. Work orders should be submitted well in advance of the date materials are needed.

  2. College relations staff will approve the order and work collaboratively with the ordering department to produce the most effective material for the project.

    1. For new projects, the ordering department will meet with college relations staff to complete a creative brief and discuss objectives, target audience and other key points.  College relations staff can then use the information decided upon during the discussion to write copy for the piece.  Alternatively, the ordering department may submit a draft of copy that  will be edited in accordance with this policy.  Only by speaking with one voice and one tone will a brand position be established and maintained.

For reprints, the ordering department will meet with college relations staff to review the publication and ensure the information is up to date and adheres to the college’s current brand position, voice, design standards and style.                   

  1. While the ordering department maintains final approval of all information to be included in a communications piece, editorial presentation and style are the responsibility of the college relations department and will maintain compliance with editorial standards of the GHC brand (including design, style, voice and grammar) and the Associated Press Stylebook.  A limited number of printed materials, such as the academic catalog and grant proposals, may adhere to an appropriate academic style manual other than the AP Stylebook.

  2. The college relations department does not review tests, classroom materials or articles submitted to academic publications outside the college’s control.

  3. College relations staff will discuss with the ordering department any charges related to the job and will execute the charges in accordance with the information provided on the work order and any subsequent conversations.


Approved by Cabinet: 12-18-06

Page last updated: April 16, 2012