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Policy and Procedure Manual

Policy and Procedure Manual

Table of Contents

  1. General College Information
  2. General College Policies
  3. Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures
  4. Academic Affairs Guidelines
  5. Human Resources, General Policies and Procedures
  6. Human Resources:  All Policies in Section 5
  7. Student Life, Campus Policies
  8. Student Life, Academic Guidelines
  9. Information Technology Security Policies
  10. Library Policies
  11. College Relations Policies
  12. Business Office Policies
  13. Financial Aid Policies
  14. Admissions Policies
  15. Registrar Policies
  16. Nursing Policies
  17. Student Support Services Policies
  18. Safety and Security Policies



Section 1: General College Information


  GHC Mission and Goals
  GHC Statutes


Section 2: General College Policies

Alcohol Beverage Policy
Alcohol Beverage Service Agreement
Executive Board Room/ Executive Dining Room Usage Policy
General Rules
Protocol - Death of a Student on/off Campus
Policy on Institutional Fundraising
Section 508 Compliance Policy
Fitness Center Usage Policy
Athletic Department Attendance Policy


Section 3: Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures

Academic Integrity Code and Forms
Curriculum Committee Procedures
Determination of Salaries for New Faculty
Determination of Rank for New Faculty
Distance Education Policies
Electronic Voting Policy
Extended Absence Policy and Form
Faculty Academy Procedures
Georgia Highlands College Television Policy
Grade of Incomplete Policy
Grievance Policy for Faculty
Grievance Policy for Students
Guiding Principles for Hiring and Assigning Courses to Part-Time Instructors who are Non-TRS Retirees
Guiding Principles for Hiring and Assigning Courses to Part-Time Instructors who are TRS Retirees
Hardship Withdrawal Policy
Honors Policy
Intellectual Diversity Policy
Intellectual Property Policy
Learning Support Procedures Manual
Outside Employment Policy for Nursing Faculty
Policy for the Awarding of Posthumous Degrees
Policy for the Granting of Emeritus Status
Probationary Credit Toward Tenure for New Faculty
Probationary Credit Toward Tenure for Current Faculty
Process for Appealing a Grade
Substantive Change Policy
Survey Policy
Travel Policy for Faculty Teaching
Student Disruptive Actions Reporting System
Handbook for Study Abroad Leaders
Reassigned Time Guidelines


Section 4: Academic Affairs Guidelines

Academic Course Syllabus Guidelines
CLEP Equivalencies  and AP Equivalencies
Common Expectations of Faculty
Comprehensive Program Review
Dental Hygiene Advisory Committee Charge and Purpose
Faculty Screening Committee Guidelines
Independent Study Compensation Guidelines
Information Technology Guidelines for Academic Affairs
Institutional Review Board
Post-Tenure Review Guidelines
Pre-Tenure Review Guidelines
Process for Assigning Faculty to College Locations
Promotion and Tenure Packet Information
Promotion Guidelines
Schedule Building Guidelines
Faculty Appointments


Section 5: Human Resources

HR.102 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
USG HRAP Amorous Relationships
HR.109 Background Checks
USG HRAP Benefits Continuation into Retirement
HR.234 Compensation             new
HR.103 Conflict of Interest or Commitment; Disclosure Statement
USG HRAP Cooperation in Internal Investigation
USG HRAP Dismissal, Demotions or Suspensions
USG HRAP Dispute Resolution
USG HRAP Dual Appointments
HR.116 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace          new
HR.117 Drug Testing
USG HRAP Education Support Leave
HR.262 Emergency and Inclement Weather Closing
HR.108 Employee Records
HR.101 Employee Identification Card
USG HRAP Employee Categories
USG HRAP Employee Continuing Education
HR.111 Employment of Relatives (Nepotism)
HR.112 Equal Employment Opportunities
HR.509 Ethics Hotline Reporting Procedures
USG HRAP Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
HR.107 Free Speech
USG HRAP Garnishments
HR.504 Gratuities
USG HRAP Grievance Procedures
USG LEGAL AFFAIRS HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
HR.301 Holiday Pay
USG HRAP Incentive Compensation & Rewards
HR.202 Independent Contractor Status
HR.203 Interim and Acting Assignments Acting Assignments
HR.115 Internal Job Posting
HR.116 Job Share
HR.353 Leave - Educational and Professional
HR.354 Leave - Military
HR.357 Leave - Miscellaneous
HR.355 Leave - Personal Without Pay
HR.358 Leave - Shared Sick Leave Program
HR.352 Leave - Sick
HR.351 Leave - Vacation/Annua
HR.513 Minor Children on Campus   new
HR.153 Motor Vehicle Use for Georgia Highlands College
HR.104 Multiple Position Appointments; Process and Procedures updated
HR.501 Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment   updated
USG HRAP Open Records (Employee Records)
USG HRAP Organ and Marrow Donation
HR.232 Overtime
HR.261 Payroll Direct Deposit
HR.506 Performance Management
HR.513 Programs Serving Minors
HR.105 Provisional Employment Period
USG HRAP Reduction in Force
HR.152 Relocation
USG BPM Reporting Wrongdoing & Whistleblower Protection (USG Business Procedures Manual 16.4)
HR.303 Retiree Benefit Premium Direct Debit
USG HRAP Retirement Plan Participation
USG HRAP Transfers
HR.507     Termination - Voluntary and Involuntary
USG HRAP Time and Leave Reporting
HR.503 Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus 
Workplace-Violence Prevention


Section 6: Human Resources, Employee Conduct

See Section 5 for all Human Resources Policies


Section 7: Student Life, Campus Policies

Acceptable Use Policy
Children on Campus Policy
Civil Rights Compliance
Code of Conduct
Email Policy
Facilities on Campus
Free Speech Policy
Lake Utilization
Outdoor and Recreation Facility Utilization
Posting/Advertising Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Student Governance
Student Grievance Policy
Student Judicial Process
Student Sexual Misconduct Policy
Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act
Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy
Traffic and Parking
Voting Privileges for Students
Web Policy


Section 8: Student Life, Academic Guidelines

Academic Integrity Code
Academic Record or Transcript
Advanced Placement
Attending Class
Credit by Examination
Credit for Prior Learning
Enrollment Verification
GPA Computation


Section 9: Information Technology Security Policies

ITS Acceptable Use Policy
ITS Acceptable Use Standard
ITS Analog Line Policy
ITS Analog Line Standard
ITS Audit Policy
ITS Backup Policy
ITS Banner Controls Policy
ITS Change Control Policy
ITS Database Credentials Policy
ITS Electronic Data Disposal Policy
ITS Electronic Data Disposal Standard
ITS Email Policy
ITS Email Standard
ITS GHC Inform Standard
ITS Encryption Policy
ITS Encryption Standard
ITS External Acceptable Use Policy
ITS External Acceptable Use Standard
ITS Extranet Policy
ITS Firewall Policy
ITS Incident Management Policy
ITS Information Sensitivity Policy
ITS Logging Policy
ITS Logging Standard
ITS Mobile Communication Devices Policy
ITS Network Security Policy
ITS Network Security Standard
ITS Password Protection Policy
ITS Password Protection Standard
ITS PCI DSS Standard
ITS Personnel Security Policy
ITS Physical Security & Logical AccessPolicy
ITS Problem Management Policy
ITS Remote Access Policy
ITS Remote Access Standard
ITS Risk Management Policy
ITS Security Plan Compliance Policy
ITS Server Security Policy
ITS Server Security Standard
ITS Web Policy
ITS Web Standard
ITS Wireless Network Security Policy
ITS Endpoint Security Policy
ITS Endpoint Security Standard
ITS Security Awareness Program Policy
ITS Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy
ITS Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Standard


Section 10: Library Policies

Circulation Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Galileo Workstation Policy
Internet Access Policy
Inter-library Loan Policy
Library Archives Policy
Library Conduct Policy
Material Elimination Policy


Section 11: College Relations Policies

Logo Policy
Media Inquiry Policy
Printed Materials Policy


Section 12: Business Office Policies

Fee Refund Policy
Guaranteed Tuition Appeals Process
Military Refunds
Out of State Tuition Waiver Policy
Procurement Manual
Returned Check Policy
Requests for 100% Refund After the First Day of Class
Travel Regulations


Section 13: Financial Aid Policies

Determination of Awards
Financial Aid and Academic Progress
Financial Aid Application Procedures and Deadlines
Financial Aid Denials, Refunds and Repayments
Georgia HOPE Scholarship
Types of Assistance
Veteran’s Assistance


Section 14: Admissions Policies

Application Procedures
Change of Residency Status
Definition of Legal Resident
Enrollment Categories
Admissions Deadline


Section 15: Registrar Policies

Academic Progress
Academic Renewal
Advanced Placement
Change of Program of Study
Class Attendance
Computation of Grade Point Average
Course Drop
Course Load
Course Schedule Changes
Credit by Examination
Credit for Prior Learning
Dean’s List
Dropping a Class After Mid-Semester
FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) Policy
Grade Reports and Grading System
Graduation Requirements
Graduation with Honors
Honors Policy
Independent Study
International Baccalaureate Policy
Physical Education Credit for Military Service
Registration Procedure
Permission to Attend Another Institution as a Transient Student
Release of Transcripts
Repeating Courses
Requests for 100% Refunds After the First Day of Class
Schedule Changes After the Drop-Add Period
Student Records
Withdrawal from All Classes


Section 16: Nursing Policies

Continuing Education for Nursing Faculty and Travel Considerations
Faculty Workload Policy for Health Science Faculty
Health Science Division Policy for Class and Clinical Cancellation
Items that must be on File in the Nursing Department
Policies of the Nursing Admission Committee
Policies of the Nursing Readmission Committee
Policy Check for Georgia Nursing License
Policy for Nursing Faculty Travel
Principles of Mentoring of Full and Part-Time Nursing Faculty
Process for Verification of Current License/Certification of Students


Section 17: Student Support Services Policies

Accommodation Letter Policy
Confidentiality Agreement
Contract Interpreter Policy
Exam Proctoring Policy
Grievance Procedure
Interpreting Services Policy Release Form
Service Animal Policy
Text Conversion Policy
Mandated Psychiatric Evaluation Policy


Section 18: Safety and Security Policies

Blood Borne Pathogens Policy
Campus Security Policy
Crisis Communication Plan
Disaster Plan
Disruptive Action on Campus Policy
Fire Reporting Policy
Hazardous Chemical List
Inclement Weather Policy
Material Safety Data Sheets
Right to Know Program
Safety and Health Policy
Stray Animal Policy
Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy
Training Policy


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