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Interlibrary Loan Policy

Interlibrary Loan

Is a service that allows students, faculty and staff of Georgia Highlands College to borrow materials from other libraries that are not available in the GHC collection.

Who is eligible?

The person making a request must be a currently enrolled student, faculty member, or staff member of GHC.

Requesting an ILL

Complete the online form for books or article and submit. Or come by the Circulation Desk in the library and complete the appropriate form there.

How long does it take?

Time from making the request to receiving the document varies. The best estimate is from 7-10 days.

Is there a cost?

Most libraries within the state of Georgia provide their materials free of charge. However, some do not and others outside the state often charge for lending. Attempts will be made to find the material free. However, any charges for borrowing materials must be paid by the person requesting the interlibrary – there is a place on the form to indicate whether or not you are willing to pay for a request. Once a request is made, if the material is too late for use, the patron must still be pay for the item.

Any other charges, such as RUSH charges, overdues, loss or damage must be paid by the person requesting the material.


When an item arrives, patrons will be notified by e-mail or phone.

Loan periods:

The check out time for items is determined by the lending libraries. They may also place certain restrictions on usage, such as “IN LIBRARY USE ONLY” or “NO PHOTOCOPYING.” Any restriction will be honored.


Some libraries do not renew interlibrary loan materials. Others may allow it. Any request for a renewal should be made, in writing, to the ILL office 5 days prior to the due date listed on the item.

Returning ILL materials:

All materials should be returned to the Circulation Desk or the ILL Office.

Any item recalled from lending libraries must be returned immediately.

Copyright restrictions

U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S.C. Code) and CONTU Guideline (subsection 108(g) places restrictions on all ILL requests. A borrowing library is limited to photocopying 5 articles per year from any one journal title during the most recent five year period. If the library should exceed that number, it must request articles from a document supplier and pay royalty fees. (Any fee must be paid by the requesting patron.)

Other questions:
Call the ILL Office @706-2956318.

Page last updated: June 15, 2010