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La Mano coaches Latino high school students on the importance of graduating

The Georgia Highlands College student organization La Mano recently participated in the HoPe (Hispanic Organization Promoting Education) Leadership Conference in Marietta.

At the event, La Mano members worked with Latino high school students in several areas, utilizing educational workshops and a college fair. Other activities included dancing, raffles and a dance competition.

Marietta Student Life Coordinator Abraham Ortiz said it was a great way for college students to stress the importance of finishing high school, attending college and completing a four-year degree to the Latino community.

Ortiz stated that the annual HoPe Leadership Conference is an exciting event that is held annually to help motivate Latino high school students in Georgia to graduate.

“Since Latinos have the highest high school dropout rate in the state, the HoPe Conference encourages these students to graduate by demonstrating leadership, working hard in school and obtaining advice from past high school graduates, all while having fun,” he said.

HoPe started as a club of 20 alumni, and has grown to an organization with over 4,000 members. Its goal is to increase the graduation rate amongst all Latino students.

“Although HoPe is expanding and many Latino students are attending college, most of them become overwhelmed with the way college works and often do not become involved,” Ortiz said. Which is why La Mano was started, he added.

La Mano is a student organization at Georgia Highlands College that seeks to help Latino college students progress through school, while encouraging them to continue their education by offering an opportunity to participate in cultural and academic activities, all while achieving academic success.

Page last updated: April 22, 2015