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ELearning Services


Digital Media Services/GHTV

A unit of Information Technology Services


Digital Media Services/GHTV (DMS), a unit of the Information Technology Services Division, serves as the primary user support for all electronic based education delivery and video services. The departments mission is rooted in the purpose of producing video based credited college courses for electronic delivery to students while maintaining the quality of the educational experience. The department also supports the college’s electronic marketing efforts and various other digital media needs. Since 1994 the department has produced a total of 110 college-credit video based courses, totaling approximately 4,055 hours of academic productions. 



Primary Duties


•    Record, edit and prepare lectures for various forms of eLearning delivery

•    Provide assistance to professors relating to video requirements for various course supplemental needs

•    Compress and upload electronic lectures and videos to various electronic platforms including the USG’s podcast server

•    Duplicate and publish class lectures for DVD distribution

•    Manage, staff and program GHTV

•    Produce and provide programming for GHTV

•    Manage various social media platforms

•    Assist various departments with video production

•    Produce electronic news releases, video based marketing materials and provide digital photographic services.



Overview of Digital Media Services/GHTV


Digital Media Services/GHTV, a division of the Information Technology Department, provides assistance to support both academic and administrative units of the college through various forms of electronic media including but not limited to video and digital photography. The department also programs and operates GHTV, the college television station, which serves as an educational outreach to the college community.


The Digital Media Services/GHTV Department supports the mission of the college by providing digitally based video and photographic services to various departments throughout the college’s multiple campuses. The departments Television station, GHTV, serves as an outreach to the college community.


Overview of GHTV


GHTV signed on the air September 6, 1994 as FCTV with live cablecast from the Heritage Hall classroom studio.  Original operational agreements were between Floyd College and Scripps Howard Cable, with agreements having been maintained through Comcast Communications since 1996.  In 2002, FCTV was positioned on channel 4 through an arrangement with Comcast and the City of Rome and Floyd County.  The broadcast day is shared with the Library Channel.  With the name change of the college in 2005 FCTV became GHTV.  The total population of GHTV’s coverage area, through Comcast, is approximately 25,000 homes.  On June 28, 2012 GHTV became available to AT&T U-verse subscribers throughout the state of Georgia. This opportunity was made available through an agreement with the Floyd County Board of Commissioners. 


The purpose and mission of GHTV:

•   To produce and provide educational and informational programs promoting various programs and opportunities available through Georgia Highlands College

•   To produce and provide programming of community interest provided it contains educational and/or artistic merit

•   To extend the educational opportunities of Georgia Highlands College via distance learning

•   To inform the college community of Georgia Highlands College activities and insure a close relationship between city/county and college

•   To program and schedule various programming from other educational providers throughout the college community



Responsibilities and Systems/Services Covered


·      Video Production (studio and location)

·      Digital Photographic Support

·      Video Support for eLearning

·      DVD Publishing and Duplication

·      Management, Programming and Scheduling for GHTV

·      Marketing (produce electronic news releases)

·      GHTV Social Media Management (YouTube and Vimeo)



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