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Division of Humanities

Division of Humanities

The Division of Humanities has requested the following:

A ceiling projector for computer and video. A document camera or built in overhead projector at desk for transparencies. This is for Rome, F-153. Don't know about other sites. The technology in the new Cartersville building is ideal. To date, I have had only 1 major issue and it was resolved fairly timely. If not resolved, I would have had to move classrooms handled quickly and efficiently. I would like to add that combination VCR/DVD's would be a welcome relief at Rome, Marietta, and UWG. For my class, I am constantly showing concert/recital excerpts and the VCR/DVD machine would make the lectures run more smoothly.

Continue to update the older sites with newer technology -this would be beneficial. Sometimes travel to other campuses with older technology limits technology use in class. The tape decks in the lab need checking as they don't appear to be recording since the renovation. The computers in the back appear to be working and are a great help. Wish there could be some kind of universal log on for students who forget their username and password and just need to log on for something in class.

Status: 2/12/09



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