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Audio Visual Services


Audio Visual Services

A unit of Information Technology Services


Audio Visual Services (AVS), a unit of the Information Technology Services Division, serves as the primary system of support for faculty and staff regarding all audiovisual equipment. In addition to support, AV is responsible for installation and maintenance of all audiovisual equipment.



Primary Duties


·      Provides installation services for AV equipment in permanent and temporary locations.

·      Provides maintenance and repair services for all campus AV equipment.

·      Provides training for campus AV equipment.

·      Provides “on-call” services for in-classroom troubleshooting with faculty and staff.

·      Provide technical and AV equipment needs/services for functions held at the College.



Overview of Audio Visual Services


AVS designs audiovisual systems for classrooms, conference rooms, and additional venues to accommodate the specific needs of each location.  In addition, AVS is responsible for receiving all equipment, documenting and inventorying, and installation of equipment in appropriate locations.  AVS also maintains an on hand inventory for miscellaneous remote events requiring audiovisual systems.  AVS sets up and runs the equipment for many of these events; such as speaking engagements and graduation ceremonies.  AVS is charged with ongoing maintenance and repair for all equipment to ensure all systems are current and operating effectively.  AVS provides faculty support for all classroom systems as problems arise in the instructional area.  Training is also provided as needed so that all faculty and staff understand the latest operating procedures for all audiovisual equipment.



Responsibilities and Systems/Services Covered



·      Classroom, auditorium, video conference & lab support

·      Setting up equipment and training for all events

·      Maintaining classroom, video conference and auditorium systems

·      Equipment management ( checking in and out all users)

·      Inventory management (Techits)

·      Installation of all new equipment

·      Design and deployment of system programming

·      Management of digital signage

·      Management of TV systems

·      Surplus

·      Applicable documentation



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