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GHTV cablecasts on Comcast Cable's channel 4 in Floyd County, serving approximately 40,000 homes in the Northwest Georgia area. Since signing on the air on September 6, 1994, the station has offered general educational programming, as well as telecourses - televised, college-credit courses - to the Greater Rome Community it serves. GHTV's schedule also includes NASA broadcasts, Classic Arts Showcase videos, nature programs, and children's programming each viewing day.

GHTV's telecourses allow students watching from their homes convenience and flexibility. Students who cannot watch the classes from home may register for the classes if they can attend each live class session in the GHTV studio or watch the classes from the viewing room on Georgia Highland's central campus.

All students enrolled in GHTV courses must attend the first class session of the course for which they are enrolled. During this orientation meeting, students will receive syllabi, meet the instructor, and learn important information on testing, delivering assignments and required attendance. Each class session within an GHTV telecourse airs three times - once live, once from tape the same evening, and once in a weekly block during the following weekend. In the telecourse orientations students are given the times of each airing. Tapes of classes are not provided for telecourse students. Students are encouraged to utilize their VCR's to record the classes for study and review purposes.

Tests are given on campus and arranged by the telecourse instructors. Exam grades may be communicated in a variety of ways, with each instructor providing information on these procedures during the telecourse orientation and through course syllabi. Courses which include labs will usually require students to travel to campus for the lab sessions. Every effort is made to make labs available at a variety of times for students with prohibitive schedules.

Further information on GHTV's educational programming and/or telecourses is available by calling the Digital Media Services/GHTV office, 706/802-5300.

Page last updated: October 31, 2012