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Foundation Camp

Foundation Camp

The Foundation Camp, a two-week summer camp for boys ages 10 through 14, is currently making plans for its fifth year. Locally managed and supported, the Foundation Camp was created through a partnership between Georgia Highlands College and the 100 Black Men of Rome-Northwest Georgia.

The camp was developed for boys and young men in our area who are considered "at risk." That is, many of these young men are at risk of dropping out of school, due to any of a variety of reasons. The Foundation Camp works very hard to reduce those risks. The camp takes place on the Georgia Highlands College campus (Floyd Campus) and includes academics, athletics, and a variety of activities which emphasize self-respect, confidence, motivation, and teamwork. This year’s schedule is still being developed, but in past years the academic subjects included physics, biology, writing, math, robotics, finance, sign language, and government. The athletics included basketball, tennis, soccer, softball, flag football, canoeing and kayaking.   This year, there will be a new emphasis on swimming lessons, thanks for a grant which focuses on providing swimming lessons for children who cannot ordinarily afford them. 

This year the Foundation Camp anticipates more than 70 boys and young men attending the camp.

How is the camp paid for? Without any government funding for this camp, federal or local, we have benefitted from grants and from a contribution from the GHC Foundation. However, the bulk of the funding for the camp comes from donations.

We are grateful to have volunteer instructors from the Georgia Highlands College faculty, from the 100 Black Men, as well as educators and leaders from throughout the community. Camp counselors are college students from GHC and from other colleges who work at the camp and become role models for the campers.

Donations are tax-deductible, and checks can be made out either to the Georgia Highlands College Foundation or to the 100 Black Men of Rome-NW Georgia. Make sure your checks are noted "for Foundation Camp." Send them to David Mathis, Georgia Highlands College, 3175 Cedartown Highway, Rome, Georgia 30161.

For information about the camp, call Jon Hershey at 706 368 7629.

Camp Administrators
Greg Shropshire
100 Black Men of Rome-NW Georgia
David Mathis and Jon Hershey
Georgia Highlands College

Page last updated: June 1, 2010