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Skillshop Tutorial


Skillshop Tutorials

Are you a professor creating skillshops for FCST1010? If so, this page is for you! I'll try to post at least a couple of videos a day since most of you are nearly done. They're pretty small, so make sure to click the fullscreen option in the bottom right corner of the video - this is what that looks like ⇒ . Let me know if you have any questions! :D

Video 1: Login and Find Your Skillshop

If you've never logged into GHC Connect or if you've never visited your skillshop, this is the place to start. 

Video 2: How to Save Your Skillshop

Make sure to save your skillshop webpage every 15 mintues or so - otherwise you could lose your work! :(


Video 3: How to Copy and Paste Text

You can copy and paste in text to your skillshop from Word, Google Docs, web pages, etc - learn how to do this here!


Video 4: How to Insert Images

You have two options for placing images on your page. You can 1) either upload them from your computer or you can 2) copy the url for an image you find online.

Video 5: How to Turn Images Into Links

This is the most popular questions that I've gotten so far. In faact, it's so popular that I'm going to show you how to do this before I show you how to insert simple url's. You may have noticed that instead of just copying and pasting a URL or linking to a website from a word or portion of text, we sometimes use a picture instead. Not only can you link to websites using images, but you can also link to PDFs and Word Documents. Learn how to do this here. A quick note: If you choose to use this method, make sure to let the students know that the link is contained in the picture. Sounds obvious, but I completely forgot to do that a couple of times and students didn't know where to click. ;)


Video 6: How to Insert a Link on Your Page

This very short video shows you how to link to a webpage or document using text.

Video 7: How to Embed a Video in Your Skillshop

This video explains how to embed a video - i.e., how to make your video play on the skillshop instead of linking to another page.

If you need to center your video, just putat the beginning of the embed code you paste in and at the end of the embed code. Just adding those two little tags will center the video for you. Let me know if you have questions about this. So, for example the video you just watched has an embed code that looks like this:

Video 8: How to Format the Text in Your Skillshop

This video explains how to format your text to match the skillshop template's.

 Video 9: How to Create Blue "Special Effect" Headers

This video shows you how to create big blue "pretty" headers.

Here's that Snipping Tool video I promised you in the video above...kinda stupid, but it's quick and to the point. ;)

Video 10: How to Upload the Mysterious Orange Bar...

This video shows you how to insert the orange bar into your skillshop.

Video 11: How to Make Your Skillshop Viewable to Students

Your skillshop is automatically set to private - learn how to change this here so that everyone can enjoy your creation.

Page last updated: July 12, 2011