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LS Rules and Regulations

Learning Support Rules

Policies from the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (USG) govern Learning Support programs at all USG schools with limited adjustment by Georgia Highlands College. The following policies are most important to Learning Support students.

Enroll for Learning Support courses first and do not withdraw from Learning Support courses

1.   During each semester of enrollment any student (full or part-time) must first register for all required Learning Support courses before being allowed to register for other courses. Students requiring developmental courses in two or more areas may be allowed to enroll in two Learning Support courses along with an "activity course."  Activity courses at GHC are Physical Education courses and FCST 1010 and 1020.

2.   Students enrolled in both Learning Support and credit courses may not withdraw from Learning Support courses unless they also withdraw from credit courses.

Take FCST 1010 with any Learning Support requirements

Beginning in Fall 2012, students who enter the college with any Learning Support requirement must take The College Experience (FCST 1010) within the first two semesters of enrollment.

Complete a Learning Support "area" within a limited number of attempts to avoid USG suspension

1.   A student must complete requirements in Learning Support English or Learning Support Reading within two attempts. If ENGL 0099 or READ 0099 is not passed within two attempts, the student is suspended from institutions in the University System of Georgia. 

2.   For Learning Support Math, the "area" consists of two courses, MATH 0097 and MATH 0099.  Both courses must be passed within the same three attempts.  For example, a student who takes and passes MATH 0097 in one term has used one attempt.  The next term, if the student takes MATH 0099 and fails, the student has used two attempts.  In the following term, the student must take and pass MATH 0099.  If both classes are not passed within the same three attempts, the student is suspended from institutions in the University System of Georgia for one year.

3.   All time spent in Learning Support courses is cumulative within the University System of Georgia.  All attempts at all USG institutions are included in the attempts rules.

4.   For students entering the college in Spring 2012 or later, no appeals for additional attempts will be permitted except for those who have qualifying disabilities documented with GHC's Student Support Services office.

5.   After a one-year Learning Support suspension, GHC may readmit a suspended student or another USG institution may admit the student.


Complete Learning Support requirements before earning 30 hours of academic credit

1.   A student may not accumulate more than 30 hours of academic credit before completing ALL Learning Support requirements. A student who accumulates 30 hours of academic credit and has not successfully completed required Learning Support courses may enroll ONLY in Learning Support courses until requirements are successfully completed

2.   A transfer Learning Support student who has not exceeded three attempts may be granted semester hours to exit an area(s) if that student was making appropriate progress at the sending institution and is ready for the exit level course at GHC. 

Students in a career program, rather than a transfer program, must check with an advisor to determine how these policies apply.

Receipt of any form of financial aid may require that students complete all Learning Support courses within a specified time. Contact GHC's Financial Aid office at finaid@highlands.edu for more information. 

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