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Context: Georgia Highlands College, FYE Department

Conditions: College Office, Home Office

Scope: Master Course Redesign

Role: Analyst, Designer, Developer, Project Manager

As FCST 1010 Coordinator at Georgia Highlands College I completely overhauled the Master Course for FCST 1010: The First Year Experience for Spring 2013. This involved not only designing a face to face Master Course, but also developing a 100% asynchronous course using our brand new Desire2Learn LMS. This course relies heavily on authentic assessment, including self reflection and problem-based learning. In addition, I used both formative and summative evaluations collected from the Fall 2012 students and professors to create the course. The course is currently being taught by 16 instructors in 23 sections. Results of a recent midterm survey of professors can be viewed here. Please watch the embedded video below for a tour of the D2L class.


Context: IT 7100: Design of Performance and Instructional Systems

Conditions: Class Project

Scope: Training Plan, 4 Hour Hybrid Course

Role: Analyst, Designer, Developer, Project Manager

I designed and developed this Dick and Carey style training plan in Dr Harmon's IT 7100: Design of Performance and Instructional Systems course during Fall of 2012. It targets all aspects of the process including analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. I chose to focus on Prezi instruction since we were instructed to create a plan for a real world performance gap. As an eLearning team member at Georgia Highlands College I get several direct questions per week about Prezi; in addition, I've observed faculty members experiencing technical and design problems with Prezi during meetings. I feel that this plan addresses learners' needs in a holistic and systematic manner. I plan on implementing this training plan during Fall 2013 as part of our Faculty Academy program at Georgia Highlands College. Click through the Prezi below for a sample of the online portion of the training.


Context: Georgia Highlands College, Library Department

Conditions: College Office

Scope: Single Learning Module

Role: Analyst, Designer, Developer, Project Manager

In Fall of 2011, I created an Online Persuasive Essay Skillshop assignment for two online English courses. The objectives of this assignment were for learners to evaluate their current research skills, create a mindmap, find and evaluate sources, identify logical fallacies, and chat with a librarian. This interactive, practical, theory-based assignment has been reused for several years and is now being used by 6 professors in both online and face to face courses. The image below clicks through to the Skillshop.


Artifact 1

Context: Georgia Highlands College, eLearning Department; IT 8150: Managing Instructional Design Projects

Conditions: College Office; Class Project

Scope: Large Multi-Semester, Multi-Part Project

Role: Project Manager, Analyst, Designer, Developer, Instructor, Evaluator

I was very recently appointed as the "unofficial" project manager of the Blackboard Collaborate project at Georgia Highlands College (GHC). GHC recently purchased Collaborate and is piloting the software in two face to face courses and several online courses this semester. I inherited this project at the last minute  from an overwhelmed Information Technology department member. Unfortunately, a project plan was never developed for the Collaborate implementation and I have absolutely no formal project management experience or training. In addition, I'm still in the process of recruiting team members, talking to stakeholders, developing use cases for the software, and designing training. Luckily, I am currently in the  IT 8150: Managing Instructional Design Projects course and am applying all of my new skills to the current pilot project. I'm also focusing on this real life project for my final project in IT 8150. Although I don't have a lot of documentation for this project beyond private emails and conversations, I can provide a Project Overview Study (POS) for the Collaborate training that I will team teach in mid-March. In addition, I've created the Work Aid below based on the learning objectives in the POS.

Artifact 2

Context: Georgia Highlands College, eLearning Department

Conditions: College Office

Scope: Large Multi-Semester, Multi-Part Project

Role: Project Manager, Analyst, Designer, Developer, Instructor, Evaluator

In addition to managing the Collaborate project this semester, I am also managing a First Time Distance Learners Blogging Study. I was and am responsible for all aspects of this project from writing the initial grant proposal to writing the IRB proposal to sending out weekly reflective prompts to student participants. I will also code the data and create a final report at the end of the semester. The goal of this project is to gather deep, subjective data on the intersection between online students' school, work, and personal lives. As an added bonus, participants will likely benefit from the self-reflection. I hope that this project will continue indefinitely as it has been extremely valuable thus far. In the future I hope to focus on different subsets of DL students. To listen to the audio from one of the video blogs, click the image below (video removed to protect student anonimity). 



Context: IT 8050: Evaluation and Assessment of Online Learning

Conditions: Class Project

Scope: Comprehensive Summative Program Evaluation Plan

Role: Evaluator

I created this summative program evaluation plan in Dr Kinuthia's IT 8050: Evaluation and Assessment of Online Learning course during Fall of 2011. During this project I analyzed the Open University MOOC Alcohol and Human Health (SDK125_2). The goals of the plan were threefold. First, the plan collects both objective and subjective data on student enrollment and student learning in the course. In addition, the plan analyzes stakeholder attitudes towards course structure and content. Finally, the plan recommends changes to improve course delivery. Although I will never implement this plan, I will use this same process and template during August 2013 for a summative evaluation of the First Year Experience program at Georgia Highlands College. To view the Open University MOOC, click the image below.


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