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Georgia Highlands College

Course Syllabus 

 MATH 0989, Foundation of College Algebra

Spring Semester 2015

 CRN 20146, MW 6:30 pm – 8:20 pm, Room 116

Course Description:

This course is a review of beginning algebra. Topics include properties of numbers, linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, multiplying and factoring polynomials, rational expressions and roots. Students must pass the class with a C or better. This is a 4 hour course. 

Prerequisites:  Satisfactory placement scores

Instructor:    Nancy Compton

Location:         Floyd Campus

Office Hours:  Instructor will be available before or after class and by appointment. Students are strongly encouraged to schedule a meeting with the instructor whenever necessary to discuss class policies or course material.

Contact Information:       

E-mail Address


Web Site Address






Midterm Date (Last Day to Withdraw without Academic Penalty): March 16, 2015

Spring Break (No Classes): March 23-29, 2015

Final Day of Classes: May 4, 2015

Final Exam Date and Time: May 5, 2015, 2:00 PM


Required Materials:  MyMathLab, includes electronic version of Introductory & Intermediate Algebra For College Students, 4th Edition, Robert Blitzer

Textbook Web Site:  mymathlab.com to access software and course information

Calculator/Software/Internet Use:

·        Each student taking this course needs access to a TI-83 or equivalent graphing/scientific calculator. 

·       Each student will need access to his or her Georgia Highlands email account for official course communication.

·       Use of calculators is allowed during exams EXCEPT for the first exam in Math 0989.

·        Sharing calculators during exams is not permitted.

·        Students are encouraged to use computer software, Internet resources, and calculators to complete homework assignments and to prepare for exams unless specifically noted by the instructor. 

.  No other electronic may be used during exams and will result in an automatic 0 on the exam. 

Course Content:  Chapters  1 – 11, selected topics 

Grading Policies:

  • Exams (60%)
    • Five exams will be given during the semester. Each exam will count 100 points. 
    • There will be a cumulative final given at the end of the semester.  It will replace the lowest exam grade.  If you have an A average on all 5 exams, you may exempt the final.
    • Under extreme circumstances, make-up tests will be given if the instructor is provided with a doctor’s or hospital’s excuse or a family member’s obituary within one week of the date of the test.  A make-up test will not be allowed if the instructor is notified after the test has been administered.  A make-up test will not be allowed if proper documentation is not provided.  Only one make-up test per semester is allowed.
  • Homework (30%)
  • Homework will be due on the day assigned on mymathlab.com .

·         Classwork (10%)

o    Will be turned in before leaving class daily.

o    Cannot be made up.

The following grading scale will apply:   A - 90%-100%

                                                       B - 80%-89%

                                                       C - 70%-79%

                                F - less than 70%    

A%, B%, C%,  and F% are potential grades in this course.  Note: There is no D grade in MATH 0989.  Students with an average below 70% will receive an F in the course.

Note: Please keep a copy of all graded tests, homework and all other relevant documents from the course until the end of the semester.  If a student needs to go through a grade appeals process for any reason, without documentation, the appeals process will become weak for them to establish a case.

Note: This is a tentative schedule and the instructor reserves the prerogative of altering the above plans as circumstances dictate.

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

Policies on student conduct and academic integrity can be accessed at http://www2.highlands.edu/academics/academicaffairs/academ.htm.

Some items specific to this class include the following policies:

·         Students are not to talk to each other during class.  This is a disturbance to fellow students.

·         Cell phones must be kept on vibrate.  If you receive a call during class that must be answered, step outside the classroom before you answer it.   You may not send text messages during class.  If I observe you texting, you will be asked to leave the room for the rest of the class period.  You are responsible for any notes or work missed.

·         You may not use a cell phone calculator during any test, nor may you have your cell phone out during testing.  Violation of this rule will result in a 0 on the test.

·         Laptops are not allowed.

·         If you must leave the room, do so quietly and return in the same manner.  Excessive exits and entrances are not allowed and if deemed distractive you will be asked to the leave the room for the rest of the class period.  You are responsible for any notes or work missed.

Students who simply quit attending class without officially withdrawing will receive a grade of F% in the class.

Early Warning Program:  Georgia Highlands College requires that all faculty members report their students' progress throughout the course of the semester as part of the institution-wide Early Warning Program (EWP).  The objective of the program is to support academic success by reviewing early indicators of satisfactory student progress.  In accordance with EWP, faculty members provide the Registrar's Office with academic reports of each student enrolled in their course(s) at checkpoints staggered throughout the semester.  The following success factors are reported at their corresponding checkpoint:

·         Week 2: Notification of Non-attendance  Jan. 26

·         Week 6: Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory Progress  Feb. 23

Last Day to Withdraw without Academic Penalty: March 16, 2015

Withdrawals after this date are subject to approval by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and will be issued only in cases of extreme emergency or hardship.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Students completing this course should satisfy the following goal and learning outcomes:

    * Students will be able to demonstrate algebraic skills in solving equations. Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to apply mathematical thought and methods.

    * Students will be able to graph an abstract function.

    * Students will be able to model concrete problems and arrive at solutions.

    * Students will be able to demonstrate algebraic skills in solving inequalities.

    * Students will be able to use appropriate technology to enhance mathematical thinking and understanding.


Class Attendance:  Students are expected to attend each and every scheduled class session. Since lectures begin promptly at the scheduled time, students are encouraged to avoid arriving late to class. Roll will be taken during each class session.

Assignment Due Dates, Late Work, and Extra Credit.

·         Homework assignments are based on the sections covered in class. 

·         Classwork will be given at the end of each period.  It is to be completed and graded in class.   If you are not present when the classwork is given, or leave before it is graded, you will receive a “0”.  Classwork cannot be made-up.

·         There are no re-takes on tests.  If you enter the classroom and receive a test, the grade counts.

·         The only extra credit I give are on your test.  DO NOT ask for an extra credit assignment.

Tutorial Center

 For extra help with this class, GHC has a tutorial center that can provide assistance.  Their schedule can be found at the following website:


Extended Absence Policy:

Due to MATH 0989 being a developmental course, if a student is absent for more than 15% of the course, he/she will not be allowed to turn in any make-up work until gaining permission directly from the Director of Academic Support.

Academic Dishonesty: 

Cheating will not be tolerated in this class.  If the instructor suspects a student of cheating, the instructor will notify the student of the allegations outside of class.  Then, the allegations will be referred to the Director of Student Life for appropriate action.  The procedures and penalties implemented both by the instructor and the Director of Student Life shall be in accordance with the college's Academic Integrity Policy.

Information regarding the Learning Support policies and procedures can be accessed at http://www2.highlands.edu/academics/support/index.htm.

Please refer to the Georgia Highlands College catalog or web site for other general academic information.

 Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance:        

"If any student in the class feels that he or she needs accommodation due to a disability, please feel free to discuss this with the instructor early in the term. Georgia Highlands College has resources available for students with certain disabilities. Accommodations may be made (such as providing materials in alternative formats, assuring physical access to classrooms or being sensitive to interaction difficulties that may be posed by communication and/or learning disabilities) through Student Support Services on all campuses. For more information please contact: Cartersville 678-872-8004; Douglasville and Floyd 706-368-7536; Marietta 678-915-5021; Paulding 678-946-1029.”

Special Note to Students Receiving Financial Aid:

This message applies only to students receiving financial aid:  Federal regulations state that if a student did not attend classes and received failing grades, then the grades were not earned and financial aid needs to be reduced accordingly.  Please be advised that any student receiving a 0.00 GPA will be required to prove that the 0.00 GPA was earned by attending classes or completing requirements for each class.  Students who have earned at least one passing grade for the semester will not be affected by this regulation.  If a student has properly withdrawn from all classes, the student’s financial aid should be adjusted from the time they signed the withdrawal form. 

School Closing:  If there is inclement weather, please note the following:

·         Decisions about weather status are sometimes made between 5-6 AM.

·          Information is sent to Channel 11 (WXIA-TV in Atlanta) and various radio stations.

·          Be advised that station regulations may not allow for clarity in location-specific announcements such as “Georgia Highlands, Cartersville only.”  Generally speaking, stations simply broadcast something like “Georgia Highlands is closed.”  Due to geography one location might be closed and not the others. 

·          Depending on the circumstances, both day and night classes may be closed or one or the other.  This is not always stated clearly in the media.

·         The college web site is probably the best source of information – www.highlands.edu.


Georgia Highlands College believes it is important to establish a clear policy that specifically addresses weapons in the workplace.  Georgia Highlands College prohibits all persons who enter the college property from carrying a handgun, firearm, or prohibited weapon of any kind onto the property regardless of whether the person is licensed to carry the weapon or not.  The only exceptions to this policy are police officers, security guards, or other law enforcement persons who are on duty, in uniform and or performing in an official capacity.

This policy also prohibits weapons at any College sponsored functions such as parties or picnics.  Prohibited weapons include any form of weapon or explosive restricted under local, state, or federal regulation.  This includes all firearms, illegal knives, or other weapons covered by the law.  (Legal, chemical-dispensing devices such as pepper sprays that are sold commercially for personal protection are not covered by this policy.)  You are responsible for making sure that any potentially covered item you possess is not prohibited by this policy.  If you have a question about whether an item is covered by this policy, or if you become aware of anyone violating this policy, please report it to Security or Human Resources immediately.  For additional and more detailed information on this Policy please consult the Georgia Highlands College Policy and Procedures Manual.

Approved – President’s Cabinet (7/28/08)

Tobacco-Free Campus:

Georgia Highlands College prohibits the use of tobacco products on any property owned, leased, or controlled by GHC. All faculty, staff, students, visitors, vendors, contractors, and all others are prohibited from using any tobacco products (i.e., cigarettes, eCigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, etc.) while on GHC property.

There are resources available to you if you are experiencing academic or personal difficulties or need help with academic advising.  Please go to the hub area in Cartersville and ask for individuals in Counseling and Career Services, Disability Support, Financial Aid, and/or Advising.  In addition, there is a tutorial center on the Floyd campus located in the library.

Algebra is very similar to any game.  Once you have learned the rules and practice (a lot) you will be able to solve any problem I give you.  Remember to have fun and practice your algebra so you can be successful in Math 0989.

 Remember the 4 P’s…………

o    Prompt-Be on time to class and turn-in all assignments on time.

o    Prepared-Have all materials and assignments ready for class.

o    Polite-Be respectful of your teacher and classmates.

o    Productive-Participate in all classroom activities and ask questions.


In Conclusion:

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns during the semester, please feel free to contact me.


Page last updated: January 11, 2015