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GHHU 2901 King Arthur

GHHU 2901 Humanities: Special Topics

The Legends of King Arthur: Medieval to Modern

Prerequisite: None

Course Description: Exploration of the legends of King Arthur with an examination of its relevance to culture and creative expression via literature, visual art, and film. This course is an Area B elective. 

Attendance: This web-based class will be delivered via D2L. The class will "meet" 3 times during the semester using Collaborate, a video-chat program free to GHC students. Depending on the size of the class, 2 or 3 timeslots will available for each required meeting and students can choose which time they prefer. It doesn't have to be the same time from meeting to meeting. A "Doodle" survey will be completed as part of the orientation, seeking day and time preferences from registered students.  

Course Materials: There will be no required textbook for this course. Literature and visual art will be assigned from The Camelot Project @ the University of Rochester . Additional course content will come from assigned videos available via Films on Demand (database of videos available through the GHC library) and other free, web-based sources. Students will be required to locate and watch one feature-length film based on the Arthurian Legend. Many films are available through public libraries and/or for a minimal cost at various online venues.

Course Overview:

Unit 1: Medieval Beginnings (Literature and Visual Art)

Unit 2: From Malory to Tennyson and Waterhouse (Literature and Visual Art)

Unit 3: A Medieval King in a Modern World

          -The Quest for the Historical “Real” King Arthur

          -King Arthur Goes to Hollywood

          -Where else is he hiding? (Children’s Literature, Comics, Theme Parks, etc.)

Medieval Princessknight in front of castle

Major Course Assignments:

           Character Study: Each student will trace the evolution of one Arthurian character from its medieval origins to modern incarnations. Students will share this information with the class through the creation of a short video. 

            Group Project: In small groups of 3-4, students will explore an assigned Arthurian topic, synthesizing course materials and additional research. They will have the option to present this information as a short collaboratively-written research paper or as a PowerPoint/Prezi presentation. (Student grades will be invidually determined despite working as a group.)

            Modern Incarnation Project: Students will find a modern expression of Arthurian Legend and share it with the class via an informal, “live” presentation using Collaborate. Students will also write a brief essay (1 page) explaining how their modern incarnation ties to other concepts discussed in the class.

*In addition to the major assignments, students will be expected to complete reading assignments, watch videos, and participate in online discussions. *

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