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About Me

Libby Gore

Assistant Professor of Mathematics


Rome Campus / eLearning


Office Phone:  706-295-6773

Virtual Office Phone:  (475) 675-0107 – Calls only accepted 8 am – 8 pm

Hello GHC Students,

I wanted to create this page to let you know a little about myself.   I am a teacher at heart, and experience a great exhiliration from seeing a student "get it" for the first time.  I also understand that many students are terrified of math and have never felt that they are any good at it. I am living proof that it just takes persistence and patience to begin to master the concepts that weave the beuatiful and amazing tapestry that is mathematics.  Afterall, my first degree was in Speech Communication, which is just about the farthest away that you can get from math.  I am fascinated at how numbers and geometry underlie our experiences, and how an understanding of them can help us make sense of the information our five senses process.

Beyond my position as a full-time professor in the GHC Mathematics department, I am also a certifed Yoga instructor and currently completing a certification program to become a certified Clinical Essential Oil Therapist.  I converted my basement into my very own Yoga studio, In The Hills YOGA, and opened in the summer of 2013. I teach 3-5 classes per week and hold private sessions for students wishing to establish a personal, home Yoga practice.   I also own another small business, In The Hills NATURALS, which allows me to practice essential oil therapy and provide essential oils to my family and friends.  I regularly gives presentations and workshops on natural living, stress relief, and Yoga.  In my "spare time", I enjoy reading non-fiction discussing various topics in Yoga, Yogic philosophy, Aromatherapy, gardening, nature, wild harvesting for food and medicine, consciousness, and sacred geometry. 

I also love spending time with my husband.  We enjoy exploring nature and going to rock concerts together.  We have two dogs, who are our children and were both rescues off the side of the road.  We both have a deep love for our family and are happy that our nieces and nephews live in the area, as well.

Page last updated: August 5, 2014