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MML Technical Support

Customer Service and Technical Support


Can't log in to the Course Compass/My Lab website?  Try going to www.mathxl.com and loggin in from there.  That will give you access to your Homework, Quizzes, and Study Plan. 

Also, try using Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer or Safari.  Firefox will give you the least amount of problems.  And make sure you read System Requirements. 

How do I use the 24/7 Customer Technical Support site?


On Pearson's round-the-clock Customer Technical support site you can:

Search Pearson's extensive knowledge base for answers

Submit questions via an online form

Chat online with a Technical Support Agent

Set up a Support Account where you can view all your questions and their solutions


The Customer Technical Support site consists of five pages:

Support Home is where you can view the most popular questions and their answers by entering keywords into the search box. You can also log in to your Support Account, ask a question by email, and send feedback about the site.

Search FAQs lets you search using keywords and then displays the relevant answers.

Ask a Question is where you can submit a question to the Pearson Support team. After you supply the requested information and click Continue, you will see some suggested answers. Click an answer if you think it might helpful. If none of the suggested solutions help, click Finish Submitting Question.

Chat is the page where you can start a live chat with a Technical Support Agent. First enter your Contact Information and fill in any additional information that applies. Then click Submit Request. A separate window opens where you can chat with the next available agent. If you need to wait, you can continue to search for answers.

My Support Account lets you view all your previous questions and chat sessions if you already have a Support Account. To create a Support Account, click Create a New Account and follow the on-screen instructions.

Need more help? See a detailed answer on the Pearson Customer Technical Support site.

Page last updated: August 15, 2011