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Sharryse Henderson

C. Sharryse Henderson, MS
TITLE:  Professor of Biology

Other Duties:  Science Coordinator and Chairperson for the Board of Directors of Etowah Georgia Youth Science and Technology Center (EGYSTC)

Sharryse Henderson is a full-time, tenured faculty member at Georgia Highlands College.  She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Shorter College in 1995 and her Master of Science in Biology from the State University of West Georgia in 2002.  Ms. Henderson previously taught at Shorter College for eight years before coming to Georgia Highlands College in 2003. 

Ms. Henderson can be contacted at the following: 

Office Phone Number: (678) 872-8112

Fax Number: (678) 872-8098

Email Address: shenders@highlands.edu

Office Location: Cartersville Campus

Office Number: Office 333

Office Hours for Summer 2016:  By Appointment only 

To ensure my availability, students MUST make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance.  To schedule an appointment, students must log on to the E-Scheduler as a GUEST and browse for Mrs. Henderson’s calendar by her first and last name.  The E-scheduler can be accessed at: https://wass.highlands.edu




Page last updated: June 14, 2016