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Are you looking for information on MATH 1111 Online?  Learn more here!

Fall 2014 Virtual Orientation Dates / Times:  Monday, August 18th 4-5 pm, Tuesday August 19th 2-3 pm, Thursday August 21st 8-9 pm

Not sure if you have the tech devices needed for Collaborate? You can use a computer with a microphone and speakers, a smart phone, or a tablet...PC or Mac. Read more on my Using Collaborate page.


Not sure which math class you should be taking?  We have had a great number of changes at the institutional and system level as to how a student must complete their mathematics requirments.   It is of utmost importance that  each student follow the path tthe path most suitable for thier program. Check out this information on the MATHEMATICS PATHWAYS. Every full-time faculty member serves as an academic advisor. We also have professional advisors on each campus to help you navigate these new course sequences.  The ACADEMIC ADVISING page has tons of great information to help you in planning your career as a GHC student and beyond.   You may schedule an in person or virtual advising session with me, and more information on how to schedule that appoint can be found on my FACULTY ADVISING PAGE.


Courses I Teach (Current Schedule Live Links)

     --  MATH 0987, Foundations of Quantitative Reasoning

     --  MATH 0997, Support for Quantitative Reasoning

     --  MATH 1001, Quantitative Reasoning

     --  MATH 0999, Support for College Algebra

     --  MATH 1111, College Algebra

      --  MATH 1111, College Algebra ONLINE

     --  FCST 1010, The College Experience - COLLABORATE



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