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Facilities Request Form

GHC Facilities Usage Request

GHC Facilities Usage Request

To make a GHC facility request, simply answer the following questions and then click submit to email the campus dean's office.

General Information
Campus: Licensee's contact email: *
Desired facility: Licensee's contact phone: *
Event date: * Licensee's mailing address: *  
Event start time: *   Event end time: * Purpose of event: *
Name of organization: * Number of participants: *
Responsible party (licensee): * Will attendance, registration, or other fees be charged?*
Yes  No
* = Required Field


Please indicate the target population for this event (check all that apply):
GHC Students GHC Faculty/staff
Open invitation to non-GHC community/group/organization
Invitation-only to non-GHC community/group/organization


Audiovisual Resources
Will Audiovisual resources be needed?* Yes  No
Resources needed from GHC Audiovisual (please check all that apply):
Microphone/Sound Projector/Screen
Speakers VCR/DVD
Portable sound


IT Resources
Will IT resources be needed?* Yes  No
Resources needed from GHC Information Technology (please check all that apply):
Presenter's computer Computer lab (half-day)
Wireless access (guest) Computer lab (full-day)
Internet access Microsoft Office
Software installation


Food, Beverage, and Setup
Please indicate whether your event will include (please check all that apply):
Food Beverages Alcohol
Setup preference:
Theater Banquet Classroom
Additional notes:
For security reasons plese type the text from the image into the recaptcha text box before clicking submit:




Page last updated: February 13, 2013