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ENGL 1102 Lit Resources

V. Literature Resources

  1. General Resources

    1. Writing in Literature, Purdue U’s OWL

    2. LitWeb, from WW Norton (requires registration to access all features; a universal access code is in the course textbook)

  2. Reading Literature in College

    1. Analyzing Literature, Sharon James McGhee

    2. Why Do We Read Fiction?” from Robert Penn Warren

    3. How and Why We Read,” from John Green’s Crash Course

    4. Close Reading of a Literary Passage,” Dr. Kip Wheeler, Carson-Newman

    5. Analyzing Literature,” from Armstrong Atlantic U

  3. Literary Terms

    1. Glossary of Literary Terms, from LitWeb, WW Norton

    2. Literary Vocabulary,” from Dr. Kip Wheeler, Carson-Newman U

    3. Literature Glossary, from Shmoop

  4. Writing About Literature

    1. Writing About Literature,” from Litweb, WW Norton

    2. Ways to Approach a Literary Text,” Dr. Kip Wheeler, Carson-Newman

    3. Some tips from JSU


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