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Distance Education Policies

Distance Education Policies for Georgia Highlands College

The primary policy for instructors who are teaching Web-based, eClassroom, or hybrid classes is the Instructor Expectations policy and standard.  By agreeing to teach online classes at Georgia Highlands College, instructors agree to abide by this policy and standard as well as all others.

See also Accrediting and Regulatory Standards for Distance Education


Number Name   Date Issued
DE.PO.100 Operational Structure Policy draft December 2015
DE.ST.100 Operational Structure Standard draft December 2015
DE.PO.110 Instructor Expectations Policy approved December 2015
DE.ST.110 Instructor Expectations Standard approved December 2015
DE.PO.120 Identity Verification and Testing Policy    
DE.ST.120 Identity Verification and Testing Standard    
DE.PO.130 Regular and Substantive Interaction Policy    
DE.ST.130 Regular and Substantive Interaction Standard    
DE.PO.140 Accessibility Policy

second read

December 2016
DE.ST.140 Accessibility Standard second read December 2016
DE.GL.140 Accessibility Guidelines second read December 2016
DE.PO.150 Early Warning and Unearned F Policy second read October 2016
DE.ST.150 Early Warning and Unearned F Standard second read October 2016
DE.PO.160 Course Development and Review Policy    
DE.ST.160 Course Development and Review Standard    
DE.PO.170 Master Course Policy    
DE.ST.170 Master Course Standard    
DE.PO.180 State Authorization Policy [Out-of-State Educational Activities Policy]    
DE.ST.180 State Authorization Standard [Out-of-State Educational Activities Standard]    
DE.PO.190 Fully Online Teaching Load Policy    
DE.ST.190 Fully Online Teaching Load Standard    
DE.PO.200 Faculty Evaluation Standard    
DE.ST.200 Faculty Evaluation Policy    




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