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Digital Video Design

To view full versions of the artifacts described on this page, please click on the ivideos located below the explanatory text.

Video Examples

This video is currently being used in all online FCST 1010 courses to introduce students to the Service and Leadership Project. I created this video in May of 2012 using iMovie.  

This video is part of a series that I created for the FCST 1010 3-Credit Hour Proposal. The series presents either a single student or group of students discussing their experiences in either the 3-hour pilot class or the standard 2-hour class. These testimonials comprised the qualitative portion of our proposal. I created this video in March of 2012 using iMovie.

This 10 part playlist includes the FCCS 1100 IC Project series that I created in Fall of 2011 using Adobe Captivate. It is currently being used in all FCCS 1100 online courses.

I created this playlist in Summer of 2011 to train other faculty members how to use GHC's content management system. At the time I was managing 7 professors as they created content for the FCST 1010 Online Skillshop and discovered that they needed some assistance with the technology. These videos were created using Screenr.

I created this primary sources video in Fall of 2012 for Krista Mazza's PSYC 1101 class using XtraNormal. 

This is an older example of videos that I've created, but it is the only surviving video that I have from our old GHC content management system - all of my other training videos were lost in the website migration. I created this video in June of 2008 using Camtasia. Please forgive the poor quality. Youtube resolution has improved a great deal in the past 4 years!


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