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Faculty Resources

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Learning Support

Programs of Study

Advising Resources for Faculty

eScheduler - online appointment calendar

SCORECard - degree audit program

Watch the faculty training video:


PowerPoint info. slides on SCORECard


  • CPC deficiency classes can now count toward a student's program of study (if taken summer 2014 or later)
  • TCSG BIOL classes are now accepted by GHC:

BIOL 2113 & 2113L = BIOL 2121K;    BIOL 2114 & 2114L = BIOL 2122K;    BIOL 2117 & 2117L = BIOL 2161K

FCST 1010 Requirement

Students with one or more Learning Support requirements must take FCST 1010 their first term.

  • These students may use FCST 1010 to satisfy the PHED activity course requirement (NOT PHED 1010, but the second 2-hour PHED elective requirement), should their program require a PHED elective course.

The Core - Advising Video

Early Bird Advising

Classroom-Based Advising

Additional Advising Resources


Page last updated: July 27, 2016