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Benefits of Mediation

Benefits of Mediation

Higher Education - Mission

Consistent with the mission of the CNCR is the study of institutionalization of Conflict Management (CM) in the University System of Georgia. The Board of Regents Initiative and Policy Direction on Conflict Resolution, enacted in 1995, required each of the 35 institutions within the University System of Georgia to design and implement a CM program to meet their individual needs.

In collaboration with the Chancellor's Office, the CNCR provides technical expertise and training support for the Initiative; administers the System-wide Mediation Program; and, conducts periodic evaluation on the development and implementation of CM.

Mediation then:


  • Helps to solve issues at the lowest levels
  • Gives disputing parties a platform for dialogue and possible reconciliation
  • Focuses more on collaboration, problem solving and communication
  • Is less adversarial and costly than litigation
  • Seeks to find a "win-win" solution to disputes

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