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Welcome to the Mathematics Resources Web at Georgia Highlands College.  Under this link you will find updates from around campus.  As always, if you have questions or concerns, call (678.872.8109) or e-mail (bgriffin@highlands.edu).

Latest Update:  9-7-2006

A few notes for fall semester...

bulletCourse Syllabi

If you haven't done so already, please turn in copies of your course syllabi to Joannie Yarbrough (credit math and FCCS) or Olivia Chandler (learning support math).

Guidelines for syllabi creation and required syllabi statements are online.


bulletAssessment Activities

If you are teaching MATH 1111 or MATH 1113, please make plans to participate in assessment activities for the semester. Laura Ralston will be sending you information about that. It is vital that you implement the recommended actions and that you include the common questions on your final exams.


bulletCourse Supplements

Many course supplements are available online, in addition to or as replacements for traditional printed supplements.

MATH 1111/MATH 1113

We don't have the printed supplements for the new textbooks. You can access the information online through Eduspace. You will need an Eduspace packet to set up your course in the system. Joannie Yarbrough can send you a packet in campus mail.

MATH 1001/MATH 2200/MATH 2205

The PowerPoint slides for MATH 2200 that match with the new book are online at http://www2.highlands.edu/subwebs/bgriffin/Math2200/triola10eslides.htm

The slides are password protected. If you want to use the slides in your class or have the students download the slides, email me individually, and I'll give you the password.

You can also access the slides and other course materials online. You'll need to set up an instructor's account through Pearson.

PowerPoint slides are also available through Pearson for MATH 2205 and MATH 1001. You can download them once you have the instructor's account set up. If you find the slides valuable for student use, let me know, I'll make arrangements with the publisher for us to share the slides in a password protected form with the students (similar to the setup for the MATH 2200 slides). To set up an instructor's account, go to Pearson's Instructor Resource Center,


For MATH 2205, our friends at the University of West Georgia provided us with hands-on, real-world (as opposed to virtual) manipulatives for use in that class. Manipulative sets are available in Rome and Cartersville. The Rome set is in the Science/Math office. Check with Joannie for details. The Cartersville set is in the mailroom on the 2nd floor. Look in the lower right cabinet as you face the mailboxes. Please feel free to use the manipulatives in class. Please return them to their proper location when you're finished.


bulletClass Rolls

Class rolls are available through THE SCORE. If you need access to THE SCORE, please let me know. If you need help using THE SCORE, please contact Simon Grist, sgrist@highlands.edu. If you need your password reset, contact Alison Hedrick, ahedrick@highlands.edu.

Please verify your class rolls are correct. Students should not be attending your class unless they are on the official class roll. If you have that situation, refer the student to the Registrar's office for assistance. Also, if you have a student on roll who has never attended your class, please send the student's name to the Registrar's office at your earliest convenience (Sandie Davis, sdavis@highlands.edu).

That's if for now. I'll post this information on-line in a few minutes, in case you need to refer to it later. Remember that course information and college policies are available through www2.highlands.edu/subwebs/ptmath.

As always let me know if you have questions or concerns,



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