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Latest Update:  8-9-2006

I hope you had a great summer!  It's difficult to think about fall when it's 95 degrees outside, but Fall 2006 is upon us.    The first day of class is Saturday, August 19.

As you prepare for your classes this fall, here are a few things to consider:

bulletMATH 1111, MATH 1113, MATH 2200, and MATH 2205 have new textbook editions.  If you need the new course materials, check with me or Joannie Yarbrough.    Updated topics lists are online for MATH 1111 and MATH 1113.  I hope to post the new lists for MATH 2200 and MATH 2205 early next week.  The mathematics faculty voted last spring to allow students to use either the sixth or seventh edition of the textbook for MATH 1113 during fall semester.  That's because many of the students taking MATH 1113 purchased the sixth edition of the book for their MATH 1111 course.  While this is inconvenient for those of you teaching the course, it saves the students quite a bit of cash. 


bulletWith the SACS review underway and the on-campus visit scheduled for next fall, it is imperative that everyone participate in assessment activities during 2006-07.  Updated assessment information is available on-line.  Please review the information and remember to include the assessment related syllabus statements on your syllabi.  Joan Christian and Laura Ralston will be communicating with your this year in regards to course assessment.


bulletSpeaking of syllabi, as you develop your syllabi for this fall be sure to review the updated syllabus guidelines for the college, as well as the required syllabus statements related to mathematics.  If you are teaching a Learning Support class, you may want to review the Learning Support policies.


bulletTerms dates for the semester are online, as well as a full term final exam schedule.  The final exam schedule is also in the schedule bulletin on page 16.  Please plan to adhere to the published final exam schedule.  If you are teaching an FCCS 1100 class or a class that does not meet the full term, please hold the final exam/final project the week following the last day of the term for your course.


bulletIf you are teaching MATH 0097 or MATH 0099, Walter Cotter is ready and willing to assist you with information about the COMPASS exam and important Learning Support Division policies and procedures.


bulletOver the summer there were several changes in personnel at the college.  Dr. Diane Langston is the new Chair of Academic Support, replacing Dr. Tim Floyd.  Ms. Carolyn Hamrick is the Director of Campus Operations in Cartersville, Ms. Laura Ralston is the Site Director in Acworth, and Dr. Catherine King is the Site Director in Marietta. 


bulletWhile college enrollment continues to grow, as the first day of class approaches some changes in the class schedule may be necessary.  Some classes may be added, while others are canceled.  Some shifts in teaching assignments may be necessary.  Thanks in advance for being both patient and flexible regarding the course schedule.

That's it for the moment.  Good luck kicking off the semester,

Brent G.


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