Welcome to the Mathematics Resources Web at Floyd College.  Under this link you will find updates from around campus.  As always, if you have questions or concerns, call or e-mail.

Latest Update:  8/25/2004

bulletConfirmation Rolls

Confirmation rolls must be completed by Wednesday, September 1.  Please access the rolls through the INTRANET.  Here's a link to some information about completing the report on-line


bulletUsername/Password Issues

There are three sets of usernames/passwords that you need to access information on the Floyd network.  One username/password combination logs you onto the XP computers and onto your Floyd e-mail account.  A second username/password combination logs you onto the INTRANET, where you can complete confirmation rolls.  The third username/password combination logs you onto THE SCORE where you can input your final grades for the semester.  If you don't know your username/password combinations, please contact Alison Hedrick in Information Technology (ahedrick@floyd.edu or 800.332.2406).  For help completing the confirmation rolls or entering your final grades, contact Simon Grist in the Instructional Resource Center (sgrist@floyd.edu or 800.332.2406).

bulletEnhanced Evaluation Process

As part of the college's effort to improve communication between adjunct faculty and full-time faculty, the college plans to enhance the evaluation process for adjunct faculty.  You will hear more about this over the course of the academic year.

bulletMathematics Assessment

In the coming weeks, those of you teaching MATH 1101 and MATH 1111 will be receiving more information regarding the assessment of the course goal and expected results that you included on your syllabi.  Lavinia Heaton (lheaton@floyd.edu) and Laura Ralston (lralston@floyd.edu) will be coordinating the assessment process for mathematics.


Here's a link to a nice on-line graphing calculator.  Jiho Kim, the author of the calculator software, has graciously agreed to allow Floyd students and faculty to use the calculator free of charge.