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Latest Update:  2-22-2006

I hope the semester is going well for everyone!

A few reminders:

bulletMidsemester for full term classes is Thursday, March 2, 2006. Please remind your students that if they are thinking about withdrawing from a full-session class, next Thursday is the last day to complete the withdrawal process. Students may withdraw from individual courses online.


bulletThe last week of class for 10-week FCCS 1100 classes is March 13-18. Since March 20-25 is spring break, please have your students complete the final projects for FCCS the week of March 13 or the week after spring break, March 27-April 1. Although grades are officially due for these sections on March 27, you have permission from the registrar to turn in the grades later, if you are holding final project presentations the week of the 27th.



bulletAs part of continuous quality improvement within the division, each semester a subset of part-time faculty are evaluated via a classroom visit. We will be conducting the classroom visits over the next few weeks. You may be contacted by a full-time faculty member regarding this process. Here's a link to the classroom evaluation form:



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