Welcome to the Mathematics Resources Web at Floyd College.  Under this link you will find updates from around campus.  As always, if you have questions or concerns, call (770.387.4804) or e-mail (bgriffin@floyd.edu).

Latest Update:  11/18/2004

bulletIt's Almost Over!

The end of the semester is approaching fast.  Where has the time gone?  Final exam schedules are available on all the campuses.  The times for the Rome campus are available on-line.  For the other campus, please check in the campus office or check your campus mailbox for the times.

Students having more than 2 exams on one day have the right to request that one of the exam be rescheduled for a different day.  Please give due consideration to any such request.

bulletCourse Evaluations

You should have received packets in your campus mailboxes with end-of-term course evaluations.  Please distribute these in your classes and allow the students to complete them during class time.  The completed forms need to be returned to the division office or to the campus office.

bulletCourse Assessment

Recently Laura Ralston e-mailed common questions to be included on MATH 1101 and MATH 1111 final exams as part of the on-going assessment of the mathematics curriculum at Floyd College.  Please make sure that you follow the instructions contained with the questions and remember to return the completed questions via campus mail to Laura or Lavinia Heaton before leaving for Christmas break.  If you didn't receive the questions, please contact Laura (lralston@floyd.edu) or Lavinia (lheaton@floyd.edu).

bulletExempting MATH 0099

Some of you have asked about the policies regarding MATH 0097 students exempting MATH 0099 and moving directly into credit level mathematics.  The current exemption policy is posted here on Walter Cotter's website.  

If you have a MATH 0097 student you wish to recommend for the exemption exam, please contact Walter (wcotter@floyd.edu).

Please note that the exemption exam is quite difficult, and it is unusual for student to pass the exam without having excellent factoring skills and excellent skills working with radical expressions.

bulletAcademic Dishonesty

The college has a formal policy regarding academic dishonesty.  Click here to view the policy.  If you have questions about the policy or you suspect a student of cheating, contact Brent Griffin (bgriffin@floyd.edu) or the Director of Student Life, John Spranza (jspranza@floyd.edu).

bulletPrevious Updates

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