Welcome to the Mathematics Resources Web at Floyd College.  Under this link you will find updates from around campus.  As always, if you have questions or concerns, call (770.387.4804) or e-mail (bgriffin@floyd.edu).

Latest Update:  10/5/2004

bulletMidsemester is fast approaching!

For those of you teaching mathematics courses, remember that Monday, October 11 is the final day for students to withdraw from a course without a grade penalty.  Basically, students receive a W grade for the class automatically if they withdraw no later than October 11.  Please remind your students of the midsemester date. Students wishing to withdraw need to fill out the proper paperwork either in the math/science office, the campus office, or the registrars office.

Withdrawals after midsemester are subject to approval by VPAA Dr. Virginia Carson.  Approvals are granted only in extreme circumstances.

bulletAbout Campus Closures

If a Floyd College campus is closed due to weather or other emergency, the announcement will be posted on the college's web site, www.floyd.edu.  If at all possible, check the web site.  You may also check local media sources, such as 11 Alive News.  However, be aware that the most current, up-to-date information will be available on the Floyd College web site.

bulletCourse Schedule, Spring 2005

During the month of October, the college will be contacting you about part-time teaching assignments for Spring 2005.  Please be thinking about your existing commitments for January through the middle of May and what times you will be available to teach classes in the spring. 

Please be aware that planning a teaching schedule early, before registration begins, involves a risk that classes may be cancelled or that  teaching schedules may need to be altered based on enrollment patterns.   These initial assignments may be adjusted as we approach the January starting date for Spring 2005.

bulletRemember to check your campus mailboxes

If you need help finding your mailbox, contact the Joannie Baker in the Science/Math division or contact the campus office at Cartersville or North Metro.

bulletRemember to check your Floyd College e-mail accounts

The college routinely sends announcements to your Floyd College e-mail account.  Please check the account regularly.

bulletMore about the Enhanced Evaluation Process

Classroom visits are continuing.  Many of you have graciously scheduled visits, and more of you will be contacted in the coming weeks.  The latest version of the classroom visit form has been approved by the Instructional Council committee. 

bulletPrevious Updates

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