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Work of GHC instructor on display

Work of GHC instructor on display


For Georgia Highlands College art instructor Kathleen Flowers, a career change after 17 years turned out to be just the open door for which she was looking. Flowers always had an interest in art but did not decide to pursue it fully until later in life. Nowadays she not only helps GHC students find the relevance of art at the Douglasville campus, but her own work is finding its way into exhibitions in the greater Atlanta area.


Flowers abstract paintings are currently on display at the new Artevaggio Fine Art Gallery in Duluth. The show titled “Introspection” runs until Nov.1.


“It has been a while since I was in an exhibition so this is like a comeback for me. I am getting back out there and letting people know what my work is all about. It’s sharing and I am excited about it,” Flowers said.


As a former technology support member for Atlanta public schools, she learned first hand the beauty of marrying technology with fine arts. In 2005 she decided to pursue another path and enrolled in Georgia Perimeter College. Later she transferred to Georgia State University where she completed a bachelor’s in fine arts. She pursued her master’s degree through Savannah College of Art and Design and taught there for three years as well.


Flowers said, “It was a big jump from technology to art but I know it works hand-in-hand. Technology is an art in itself and you can take that technology and generate many styles and forms of art.” 


Teaching art was a long-time dream for Flowers. She is in her fourth year at GHC.


“I always wanted to teach art. It is everywhere and it is so satisfying to help students see it can be relevant for any discipline or career track,” she said.


Her next show will be held in November at the Douglasville Cultural Arts Center.


For more information on “Introspection,” visit www.artevaggio.com.

Page last updated: September 29, 2014