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Tutorial Center Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals for the Tutorial Center

The Tutorial Center functions as an individual unit of Georgia Highlands College with face-to-face centers available on the Cartersville, Douglasville, Floyd, Paulding, and Marietta campuses.  The center also contracts with Brainfuse to provide online tutoring to select students.


The purpose of the Georgia Highlands Tutorial Center is to help students improve their academic skills and succeed in their chosen college curriculum.  The staff of the Tutorial Center is dedicated to helping students acquire the skills to become independent learners and enhancing the education that is received by students in the classroom.  Tutors do not grade papers or in any way substitute for classroom instruction, and course instructors provide the standard for grading.


The goals of the Tutorial Center are related to the following institutional goal(s) of GHC:

  • Effect quality teaching and learning that are focused on academic achievement and personal and professional growth.

The Tutorial Center will

1.  Provide the following tutorial services each term:

  • One-to-one tutorials in areas of math, English, reading, and occasionally science
  • Information and practice for standardized tests for the college: Accuplacer Placement Test, GACE Basic Skills, ACT, and SAT
  • Opportunities for group study
  • Assistance with software used in GHC classes
  • Workshops in special areas of study
  • Online tutorials in English and math
  • Guidance in how to research
  • Information regarding GHC’s Information Competency Initiative

2. Provide tutorial services at all GHC sites

3. Ensure that students are aware of the services offered by the Tutorial Center

4. Provide a satisfactory level of service for students who use the Tutorial Center

5. Provide sufficient individual tutoring time for students in the subject areas that are part of the Tutorial Center’s core mission (math, English, and reading)

6. Provide opportunities for students in math, English, and reading who regularly use the Tutorial Center to improve academically and become independent learners


Page last updated: December 6, 2016