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Challenge Arcade

Challenge Arcade for GHC and Beyond

Presents any funding or grant opportunities that are currently ongoing. GHC strives to present faculty development opportunities each year. Some of these programs provide mini-grant funding for unique learning projects or professional development, while other grants involve technology. Check here regularly for current opportunities and examples of successful application ideas.

Also check this room for other challenges (grants, awards, contests, etc.) from around the University System of Georgia and beyond.


Contact Info

Laura Musselwhite (lmusselw@highlands.edu)

Carla Patterson (cpatterson@highlands.edu)


2013-2014 Grant Information

GHC Faculty Development Mini-Grant Program Guidelines

AY2013-2014 GHC Mini-Grants are available to all full-time faculty members and librarians with faculty rank for the purpose of improving teaching and learning. Faculty members may apply for funds to support projects designed to enrich curricular development and/or facilitate instructional improvement.

Awards will be made in amounts up to $800. Only one application per person will be accepted for review. Funds are specifically geared towards curricular innovation and pedagogical experimentation and cannot be substituted for the ongoing or normal costs of course delivery. Funds may only be used for travel purposes if it can be demonstrated that the travel would result in teaching/learning innovation. Simply attending a conference would not be considered in mini-grant funding; however, participating in a workshop that resulted in a project or innovation for classroom use might.

Use of funding (project design and/or implementation) must be accomplished during AY2013-2014.

Some, but certainly not all, examples of use of Mini-Grant funds are:

  • Development of instructional modules
  • Development of innovative pedagogies/techniques
  • Classroom-based projects
  • Honoraria for guests
  • Educational classroom-based field trips
  • Instructional media
  • Instructional materials (non-media)

All mini-grant funds must be utilized in accordance with the guidelines and policies regarding use of state funds. Here is a link to the state guidelines for reference: http://pur.doas.ga.gov/gpm/MyWebHelp/GPM_Main_File.htm.  However, if you have a question about the appropriate use of state funds, please contact Dr. Laura Musselwhite. Be aware that any technology purchases will need to adhere to the appropriate IT guidelines and will require a technology purchase request.

Applications (see form) are due electronically by September 20, 2013, to Dr. Musselwhite (lmusselw@highlands.edu). Award announcements will be made by October 14, 2013.

Click here for the 2013-2014 Faculty Development Mini-Grant Application.


iPads for Education

A Collaborative Venture Among the Office of Academic and Student Affairs, the Information Technology Department, and the Division of Academic Success and eLearning

The IT Department has five iPad 2s that they would like to provide for the 2013-2014 academic year to five faculty members (including librarians with faculty rank) for the purpose of creating innovation in the classroom.

Faculty members will write a description of how they would use the iPad in the classroom. Up to five will be awarded for the academic year (to be returned to IT for refitting for another round of awards next year). Use of the iPads for the purpose of this program cannot require additional software or hardware that would need to be purchased by the college. The iPad itself and appropriate applications need to be sufficient to carry out the faculty member’s plan. Applicants should emphasize creativity and the uniquely-specific capabilities of the iPad.

Please use a separate sheet to present your proposal. In your proposal, please include your contact information, courses to be involved, desired outcomes, and evaluation methodology. The proposal should be no more than two pages.

Email the proposals to Laura Musselwhite by September 20, 2013. A panel of fellow faculty members, Academic Deans, and GHC IT professionals will evaluate the proposals and announce the five iPad recipients by October 14, 2013.


2013-14 GHC Grant Recipients:

Mini-Grant Recipients for 2013-2014 iPad Grant Recipient for 2013-2014
Karin Bennedsen Jeff Kozee
Lisa Branson  
Merry Clark  
Jayme Feagin  
Karen Huggin  


2012-13 GHC Grant Recipients:

Mini-Grant Recipients for 2012-2013 iPad Grant Recipients for 2012-2013
Shannon Bontrager Soumitra Chattopadhyay
Soumitra Chattopadhyay Merry Clark
Susan Claxton Teresa Hutchins
Meredith Ginn Krista Mazza
Sarah Hepler Devan Rediger
Asha Hill Maryanne Sandberg
Bronson Long Kim Wheeler
Travice Obas  


2011-12 GHC Grant Recipients:

Mini-Grant Recipients for 2011-2012 iPad Grant Recipients for 2011-2012
Shannon Bontrager Brian Barr
Jayme Feagin Susan Claxton
Meredith Ginn Scott Flynn
Asha Hill Sarah Hepler
Krista Mazza Joseph McCauley
Harvey Moody Mark Pergrem
Travice Obas  


GHC Recognition Program

Nominate someone through the GHC Recognition Program!

This program provides a range of opportunities for recognition. Newly added is the ability to recognize someone and have the individual receive the recognition award within the same month as your nomination through “Caught in the Act of Good Teaching," “Caught in the Act of  Caring," and “Caught in the Act of Good Customer Service.”

Along with our traditional awards, you may now nominate a Faculty of the Year, Employee of the Year or Department of the Year. You may nominate yourself or another who has completed a degree or professional certificate program within the past year.

The list of awards, nomination process, and other helpful details are located on the GHC Human Resource Website and from there linked to the Customer Service Website. If the award recipient is not to be recognized at Fall In-service, the selection event or timing is indicated in the details for the award.

Determining recipients for the awards will be members of the Recognition Committee: Sarah Hepler, Elijah Scott, Diane Langston, Jason McFry, Stephen Souders, Jonathan Twilley, Carolyn Hamrick, Laura Musselwhite, Todd Jones, Cathy Ledbetter,  Donna Mantooth, Lauren Baus,  Cara Kelly, Terri Cavender, and Ginni Siler.  Let’s reward committee members' hard work in putting this program together by having it take off with flying colors.

Go out and catch someone in the act of doing something good! You and I both know there are plenty of folks doing just that.


Dr. Renva Watterson




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