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The Charger Report Student Affairs updates

Enrollment Services:

·       GHC’s 24/7 ticketing system (Need Help! GHC411) - implemented in 2013 - continues to improve contact between students and staff. To date, over 42,000 tickets have been resolved with 6,800 of them since July 1, 2014. Several institutions from across the state have visited GHC to learn more about this ticketing system and how we support student services as a multi-campus institution.

·        Have automated the online application so it downloads directly into BANNER student database. This eliminates the need to print applications and greatly improves efficiency.

·        Have awarded 44 reverse transfer degrees and have been featured within the USG as a model for other institutions to follow with this process.

·        Early Bird Advising increased four-fold last year with the initiation of early registration for students who met with a faculty advisor during these time periods. These sessions provide students to meet with faculty advisors for long-term planning and discussion about their program, academic progress, potential career, etc. We had more students seek advisement last year than in the previous three years combined!

·        This year, advising at orientation changed to a format that we believe gives students more quality advising, confidence in their schedule of classes, and self-efficacy in knowing how to manage their academic planning.  We evolved from faculty doing the advising and course selection for students, to students selecting classes with little assistance, to a more balanced combination of advising session, then student course look-up with assistance.  The results have been good thus far, and we will continue to use this model with improvements as we go.

Financial Aid:
·        Increased personal notification to students regarding their SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) status.

·        Megan Simpson, Director of Financial Aid, was one of only 50 individuals selected across the country to participate in the College Board’s Enrollment Leadership Academy.

Student Support Services:
•          Student Support Services was nominated for USG Chancellor’s Service Excellence Award for the Outstanding Process Improvement Award: Increase Effectiveness and Efficiency.

·        Will begin piloting online counseling services this fall for students enrolled in the RN to BSN program.

·        Transitioned all of the disability documentation to an online tracking system allowing professional staff to access this information from any campus.

•        As students and alumni, you can utilize our online Career Center at www.CollegeCentral.com/highlands to visit the online job board, create your resume, download career advice documents and podcasts, and read hundreds of free career-related articles!

If you know of any employers in our 5+ county regions who would like to register employment opportunities on our job board, please direct them to www.CollegeCentral.com/highlands or access the link on our web page at http://www2.highlands.edu/site/student-support-services


Page last updated: September 9, 2014