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The Charger Report ITS updates

ITS Annual Accomplishments - Fall 2014 Issue of The Charger Report


  • Many ITS staff members had to rally around some quick classroom/computer moves in order to accommodate changing locations at our Marietta Campus.  SPSU required us to move out of our existing classroom spaces and a decision as to where we would land came rather late in the game for summer classes.  Quickly and through a lot of dedicated work, ITS staff made all the necessary wiring, networking, furniture, AV, computers, and accessory changes in a short period of time.
  • The latest version of Office 2013 will be rolled out to classroom and student use computers in order to provide students with the latest software they will be utilizing in the marketplace.
  • The institution was able to fund some much needed computer replacements with some end of year funding.  There was a mix of student and employee computers purchased.  Some of these will be in place for fall, while others will be replaced during the semester.
    • Mobile Library computers lab for Paulding (30 laptops)
    • Classroom computers in Paulding (55 – rooms 109 and 112)
    • Classroom computers in Douglasville (25 – room 129)
    • Employee desktops (101)
    • Employee laptops (49)
  • Our Audio Visual Service (AVS) unit additionally provided a number of system upgrades as well.
    • Enhanced programming on 52 AV systems throughout Cartersville, Paulding, Heritage, and Floyd campuses.
    • Upgraded hardware in 16 classrooms at Cartersville.
    • Upgraded hardware in 5 classrooms at Floyd.
    • Created an AVS network to allow AV staff to remote in and help Faculty with AV issues and to maintain systems from another campus. We currently can remote control 47 AV systems, with the future goal to have all AV systems controllable and maintainable remotely.
    • Installed Digital Signage and TVs at Heritage Hall, Douglasville, and Paulding campuses.
  • Our Enterprise Application Services (EAS) unit has accomplished several projects this year so far.  Additionally, they are in the process of a major new Banner release coming later.  Here are some highlights of recent achievements.
    • 3rd Party account creation of an online application.
    • Banner account password reset process overhauled.
    • Financial Aid Summer Scholarship Implementation of an online application.
    • Online Advising SCORE interface so that people do not have to have assigned userids (the accounts are created after being defined as an Faculty member or Advisor).
    • Campus Safety Parking Decal Online Registration Form developed.


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