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The Charger Report HR updates

2014 – 2015 Human Resource Goals

  1. Replace PeopleAdmin, the institution’s  talent management system, with a different system called Hire Touch resulting in increased functionality and three modules (talent management, position management and performance management) for slightly more than the cost of the one current module
  2. Create a format for non-exempt performance reviews that supports roles which do not lend themselves to annual goal setting
  3. Complete the updating of all employment related GHC policies
  4. Review the existing GHC salary structure, and through consultation with the Carl Vinson Institute of UGA (CVI) , ensure it is still on target; develop multiple options for consideration for employee  compensation adjustments for July 2015
  5. Refine the Employee Recognition Program
  6. Research grants for wellness program funding; implement an annual calendar for wellness initiatives that do not require funding
  7. Monitor and complete the analysis of steps implemented for GHC to conform to ACA guidelines; consult with managers to alleviate any problems areas identified through the analysis
  8. Create a policy and supporting notification system to better publicize Title IX information and offer means for the reporting of incidents that fall within the guidelines; deliver, or arrange, training for all Title IX deputy coordinators that have not participated in updated training in the past 24 months
  9. Partner with Finance and Accounting to formalize the creation of Managing @ GHC, a module-based training program for new managers
  10. Create a phased plan to develop and implement an onboarding program that makes maximum use of technology for ease of access and efficiency; develop and implement a minimum of two steps in the plan during the review period
  11. Continue the development of infrastructure to provide support for grant writing throughout the institution.

Page last updated: September 9, 2014