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The mission of the Teaching and Learning Center is to support quality teaching and learning by fostering a collaborative, research-based learning environment for faculty development.


The Teaching and Learning Center will:

  • Provide pedagogical, technological, and organizational training for new faculty through Faculty Academy
  • Provide development opportunities for all faculty members, including full-time and adjunct faculty members
  • Support and encourage instructional innovation through the allocation of internal and external grant funding
  • Create and maintain a repository of teaching resources, including books, journal articles, and other physical and digital artifacts
  • Create and maintain a physical space for faculty to develop instructional resources such as video or audio files, as well as providing portable resources for on-location video and audio production
  • Collect and distribute information about various development opportunities through the use of email, the faculty development blog, and other collateral, to support the personal and professional growth of faculty members
  • Oversee and direct assessment activities related to the Teaching and Learning Center, to aid in planning and programmatic evaluation
  • Report on program activities, assessments, and accomplishments each year



The Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) at Georgia Highlands began as the Instructional Resource Center in the early 2000s. Since that time, GHC has grown and with it so have the needs of instructors and students alike. 

In 2016, the TLC underwent a significant redesign in purpose and practice when Jesse Bishop, a veteran faculty member at GHC, became the director of the center. Along with the help of several people, including Instructional Designer, Katie Bridges, he began to revive the center and its role in supporting faculty. 

The TLC hosts Faculty Academy, a program for new full-time faculty at GHC. We also provide workshops and consultations on instructional design, pedagogy, technology, and research related to teaching and learning. Other programs and projects linked to the Center include awards, initiatives, as well as professional and funding opportunities.

If you have questions about the TLC, please contact Jesse Bishop, at jebishop@highlands.edu. 


Page last updated: August 16, 2016