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Steps to Studying Abroad at GHC

Steps to enrolling in a Study Abroad Program at GHC



Checklist (check off the following steps as you complete them):


1.  Receive information about GHC Study Abroad                                      __________

     Programs and decide on a program.


2.  Complete GHC Study Abroad Program Student                                    __________

     Application and return to the GHC Director of

     Global Initiatives and Study Abroad. If you are 

     participating in the USG China program, the

     Montepulicano program or a European Council

     program, please complete those applications

     as well.


3.  Meet with a Financial Aid Counselor in the GHC                                   ___________

     Financial Aid Office to determine if financial aid

     can be used to help pay for the trip, and if so

     how much. Complete necessary paperwork and

     set up a refund mechanism with the

     Financial Aid Counselor. Meeting with a Financial

     Aid Counselor and completing necessary

     paperwork is mandatory. This should be done

     as soon as possible after submitting a student

     application, and at the very latest on the last day

     of classes the semester prior to the study abroad



4. Verify trip payment deadlines for the trip and make                             __________

     payments on time.


5.  Apply for scholarships, including outside scholarships                         __________

     and scholarships with the GHC Foundation. Please

     contact the GHC Foundation for information about

     scholarships, including deadlines and an application.


6.  Enroll in appropriate classes linked to the study                                  ___________

     abroad program (e.g. summer term) and pay tuition

     and fees.



For questions, please contact Dr. Bronson Long, the Director of Global Initiatives and Study Abroad at blong@highlands.edu or Ms. Alex MacMurdo, the Assistant Director of Global Initiatives and Study Abroad at amacmurd@highlands.edu

Page last updated: September 6, 2016