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Social Science & Business Faculty

Division Chair: Dr. Alan Nichols

Name / Website Campus Discipline Office Phone Email
Scott Akemon Floyd Political Science F165  706-368-7635  sakemon@highlands.edu
Hope Attipoe Marietta Sociology   706-295-6300 hattipoe@highlands.edu
Whitney Austin Marietta Political Science R2230  706-295-6300  waustin@highlands.edu
Warren Barnhart Cartersville Psychology   706-295-6300 wbarnhar@highlands.edu
Rachel Bartels Floyd Psychology   706-295-6300  rbartels@highlands.edu
Joel Berrian Floyd Psychology   706-295-6300 jberrian@highlands.edu
Steve Blankenship Cartersville History 256-B  678-872-8026  sblanken@highlands.edu
Shannon Bontrager Cartersville History 254 C  678-872-8049  sbontrag@highlands.edu
James Cady Cartersville History   706-295-6300 jcady@highlands.edu
Sean Callahan Marietta Psychology 221 Norton  706-295-6300  scallaha@highlands.edu
Maxine Chriszt Cartersville Political Science   770-426-0834  mchriszt@highlands.edu
Stan Copeland Paulding Political Science   706-295-6300 wcopelan@highlands.edu
Susan Claxton Floyd Human Services F-144  706-368-7624  sclaxton@highlands.edu
William Crawford Douglasville Philosophy   706-295-6300  wcrawfor@highlands.edu
Tricia Dailey Cartersville Psychology   706-295-6300 tdailey@highlands.edu
Teela Davis Cartersville Psychology   706-295-6300 tdavis@highlands.edu
Jean Day Cartersville Psychology   706-295-6300 jday@highlands.edu
Ken Demons Marietta Business   706-295-6300 kdemons@highlands.edu
Jay DeVille Cartersville Economics   706-295-6300 jdeville@highlands.edu
Danielle Dobilas Marietta Psychology   706-295-6300 sdobilas@highlands.edu
Elizabeth Dose Cartersville Psychology 325  706-295-6300  edose@highlands.edu
Carl Ericcson Marietta Psychology   706-295-6300 cericsso@highlands.edu
Jayme Feagin Paulding History 409  678-946-1019  jfeagin@highlands.edu
Carol Fugelsoe Floyd History   706-295-6300 cfugelso@highlands.edu
Michael Gill Floyd Business   706-295-6300 mgill@highlands.edu
Jed Gillespie Cartersville Business 220C  678-872-8195  jgillesp@highlands.edu
Katie Gobbi Paulding History   706-295-6300 kgobbi@highlands.edu
Sherry Green Cartersville Education 256F  706-295-6300  shgreen@highlands.edu
Randy Green Floyd Criminal Justice F-147  706-295-3132  ragreen@highlands.edu
Joy Hambrick Cartersville Economics   706-295-6300 jhambric@highlands.edu
William Harper Floyd Philosophy   706-295-6300  wharper@highlands.edu
Ahmad Hasem Marietta Psychology   706-295-6300 ahashem@highlands.edu
David Hensley Floyd History   706-368-7753 dhensley@highlands.edu
Charles Hight Cartersville History   706-295-6300  chight@highlands.edu
Karen Huggin Marietta History 232  678-872-8540  khuggin@highlands.edu
Teresa Hutchins Cartersville Political Science 335  678-872-8114  thutchin@highlands.edu
Valerie Hutchins Cartersville Political Science   706-295-6300 vhutchin@highlands.edu
Angela Jackson Marietta Psychology   706-295-6300 ajackson@highlands.edu
Tarik Johnson Marietta History   706-295-6300 tjohnson@highlands.edu
Bruce Jones Floyd Economics  F-136  706-368-7511  bjones@highlands.edu
Dempsey Kerce Floyd History   706-295-6300  dkerce@highlands.edu
Robert Lipscomb Marietta History   706-295-6300 rlipscom@highlands.edu
Bronson Long Floyd History F141  706-368-7619  blong@highlands.edu
Annette Maddox Cartersville Business 233  678-872-8071  amaddox@highlands.edu
Yemi Makinde Cartersville Economics   706-295-6300 ymakinde@highlands.edu
Donna Mantooth Floyd Psychology   706-295-6300 dmantoot@highlands.edu
Nick McLemore Floyd Business   706-295-6300 nmclemor@highlands.edu
Tracey Monroe Douglasville Political Science   706-295-6300 tmonroe@highlands.edu
Janice Morrissey Paulding Sociology   706-295-6300 jmorriss@highlands.edu
Kathleen Nault Cartersville Business   706-295-6300 knault@highlands.edu
Neil Nelson Marietta History   706-295-6300 nnelson@highlands.edu
Rodney Nelson Cartersville History   706-295-6300 rnelson@highlands.edu
Alan Nichols Cartersville Philosophy 320 C  678-872-8108  anichols@highlands.edu
Dana Nummerdor Douglasville Psychology   706-295-6300 dnummerd@highlands.edu
Julie Ogle Cartersville Business   706-295-6300 jogle@highlands.edu
Raquel Orce-Sotomayor Marietta History   706-295-6300 rsotomay@highlands.edu
Paul Peacock Cartersville History   706-295-6300 ppeacock@highlands.edu
Douglas Perry Douglasville History   706-295-6300 dperry@highlands.edu
Andrea Peterson Marietta Political Science   706-295-6300 apeterso@highlands.edu
Scott Powell Paulding Political Science 405/407  678-946-1100  spowell@highlands.edu
Louanne Robinson Floyd Psychology   706-295-6300 lrobinso@highlands.edu
Ken Russell Douglasville History   706-295-6300 krussell@highlands.edu
Dudley Salley Cartersville Economics   706-295-6300 dsalley@highlands.edu
Howell Sheffield Marietta Economics  226  678-872-8529  hsheffie@highlands.edu
Heather Shores Cartersville History   706-295-6300 hshores@highlands.edu
Greg Smith Floyd Philosophy   706-295-6300  gsmith@highlands.edu
Darrell Sorrells Floyd Education F-134  706-368-7640  dsorrell@highlands.edu
Stephanie Stapleton Cartersville Political Science   706-295-6300 sstaplet@highlands.edu
Melissa Stewart Marietta Political Science   706-295-6300  mstewart@highlands.edu
Michael Stoots Paulding Business   706-295-6300 mstoots@highlands.edu
Josh Stovall Cartersville Sociology 124-10  678-872-8028  jstovall@highlands.edu
Greg Sumner Floyd Criminal Justice F-135  706-295-6300  gsumner@highlands.edu
Steve Terry Floyd History   706-295-6300 sterry@highlands.edu
Mark Thomann Paulding History   706-295-6300 mthomann@highlands.edu
Giselle Tucker Marietta Political Science   678-872-8545 gtucker@highlands.edu
Meredith Ulmer Cartersville Political Science   706-295-6300 mhardin@highlands.edu
Jackie Voyles Cartersville Psychology   706-295-6300 jvoyles@highlands.edu
Mary Wilson Cartersville Psychology   706-295-6300 mwilson@highlands.edu
Christina Wolfe Floyd Sociology Wal 238  706-368-7622  cwolfe@highlands.edu
Stephanie Wright Floyd Psychology F-146  706-295-6300  stwright@highlands.edu