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Competition Rules

Georgia Highlands College

Public Speaking Competition


  1. In order to register for the competition, students must currently be enrolled at Georgia Highlands College, any campus location.
  2. Students must have taken in a previous semester, or be currently enrolled in, COMM1100-Human Communications or COMM 1210–Public Speaking.
  3. Students must turn in an outline of 100-300 words (roughly one page) with their entry form. Extreme deviation from the submitted outline (i.e. change of topic or change of most of main points) will be grounds for disqualification.
  4. All speeches must be delivered extemporaneously, which means the speech must be prepared in advance of the competition and delivered with minimal reliance on notecards. If a student chooses to use notecards the cards must be standard 3"x5" size.
  5. Speech topics must be persuasive in nature.
  6. Contestants will adhere to a 5-6 minute time limit. Note that the time limit has changed from previous competitions.
  7. Sources and references must be orally cited within the speech.
  8. Business professional dress is required. Some garments might be considered a distraction. Choose attire carefully.
  9. Final round speeches may be video recorded and placed on YouTube. Contestants must sign a waiver that either grants permission, or does not grant permission, to do this.
  10. Students may not use audio-visual technology during the speech (including but not limited to Powerpoint, DVDs, etc).

Page last updated: January 23, 2017