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Softball team sees seven players make All Region team for the first time

After a great season run, GHC’s softball team places second during the conference regular season (13-5) and fifth at the region tournament. Five players from the team were also accepted for the first team All-Region, which is the first year GHC softball players have made first team honors. Additionally, two other players made second team honors.

Brandi Hughes (battery), Kayleigh Medlin (infield), Lindsey Miles (outfield), Sierra Cagle (battery) and Karlie Jarrett (infield) were awarded first team honors. Ashley Jordan (outfield) and Grayson West (DP/Utility) round up second team honors.

Team honors are selected by the opposing team's head coaches. Brandi Hughes and Kayleigh Medlin also received enough votes for nominations to the NJCAA All-American Softball Teams.

“Seven All-Region athletes is a huge accomplishment for our athletes, program and institution,” Softball Coach Melissa Wood said. “A huge thank-you to all of our student-athletes for putting the long hours in the classroom and buying in at our mentally and physically strenuous practices. It's great to see hard work pay off.”

Several players have committed to a number of college softball teams.

The University of Georgia will see Lindsey Miles and Kayleigh Medlin join their team; Shorter University has taken Sierra Cagle; Grayson West will be heading off to LaGrange; Georgia State is taking Liz Prance; Karlie Jarrett is entertaining over 15 offers from across the nation; and Brandi Hughes has received over 30 offers across the nation.

Emily Willingham is still vetting college teams and hasn't comitted and/or recieved a hard offer yet, but still plans to play.

Kristen Mullis is the only sophomore who is not continuing to play ball, as she wishes to focus on her education. She is working toward medical school and will go to finish her biology degree at UGA, and then she plans to go to Mercer.

All ten sophomores are graduating on May 16th with GPAs above 3.0.

Page last updated: April 30, 2015