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Request Library Instruction

Please use this form to schedule a time for a librarian to teach an assignment-related bibliographic instruction class for your course or to request an embedded librarian. Faculty may also use this form to request the use of the library instruction classroom/computer lab, pending approval by the Director of Libraries.  Please use a separate form for each class section.

Because the bibliographic instruction session is a collaborative effort between the instructor and library faculty member, library policy requires the instructor to be present for the scheduled session.

Please schedule the session at least one week in advance of the desired date. Note that our librarians teach many classes each semester, so schedule your session early!

To determine date availability, please check the Library Instruction Classroom Calendar for your campus location.

Once we have your assignment, a librarian will design a customized library assignment guide for your course, which will appear on the list of Assignment Guides.



Page last updated: August 10, 2017