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How to uninstall multiple versions of Java on your computer

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Java is used by web browsers to make many things in Vista function correctly. One function that is particularly sensitive to having the correct version, and just ONE version of Java on your cpmputer is the HTML Editor.

To make the HTML Editor work right, you need to:
1. find out what version of Java your web browser is using
2. make sure it is the correct version
3. remove incorrect versions of Java from your computer
4. install the correct version if needed

Because Java is sometimes set to update automatically on computers, there can be multiple versions of java installed. This will prevent HTML Creator working and will also crete problems uploading files when you are "Adding Content" files from your computer to a page in Vista.

1. Find out what version of Java your web browser is using

The first thing to do is to see what version of Java your browser is using.Go to the USG Browser Checker and look under "Required Components Iinformation: Java Version

2. Make sure it is the correct version

You should have one of the following (and ONLY one) on your computer.
JRE 1.4.2
JRE 1.5 Build 5
JRE 1.6

3. Remove incorrect versions of Java and install the correct version (if needed)

Follow the steps in the detailed instructions for removing extra versions.

4. Restart your web browser

Try the HTML Editor. If it is working, as it launches, you should see the Sun Logo while the applet loads.

Try uploading a content file from your computer. You should be able to upload files directly from your PC.

5. Stop Java automatic updates.

Multiple or incorrect JRE or Java versions can be automatically installed, causing problems.
Follow the steps in the detailed instructions for turning off "Automatic checking for Java Updates..".

Page last updated: March 11, 2010