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Steps to Withdraw

Withdrawing From One Course

Students may drop a course during the drop/add period without penalty. During the drop/add period, fees will be adjusted.

After the drop/add period ends, students may withdraw from a course without penalty until mid-term. The student will receive no refund for dropping a course. A drop of all classes constitutes a complete withdrawal. Course drop forms are found in each division office or center.

Withdrawing from All Courses

Students must complete a Withdrawal Request to officially withdraw from classes.  This may be done online through the student’s SCORE account or at any of our campuses. The official withdrawal date is the date the student stops attending class or submits the withdrawal form, whichever comes first.

Student accounts will be refunded according to a graduated percentage scale beginning the second meeting day of classes.

Hardship Withdrawals

Hardship withdrawals and grade appeals must be filed by the end of the academic semester immediately following the academic semester in which the withdrawal or appeal is requested.

In order to drop a class after mid-semester due to hardship, students must complete the “Hardship Withdrawal” form. These forms may be obtained online and in the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs in Rome or from a Campus Dean at any other campus. If a student does not complete the “Documentation of Your Hardship” portion of that form, or completes that portion and the hardship is not approved, the student will receive a “WF” as the course grade. If the hardship is approved, the student will receive a “W” grade. The possibility that a student will fail a course after mid-semester will not be considered a hardship.


Withdrawing from eCore courses is done through eCore, please visit https://ecore.usg.edu/students/withdraw/ghc_policy.php for information on how to withdraw.

Financial aid recipients who withdraw from classes will be obligated to repay any financial obligation remaining as a result of the withdrawal and reduction of the aid received.

If a student decides not to attend Georgia Highlands College the semester for which he/she has registered and paid fees, the student must go to any Georgia Highlands College campus to withdraw. Students who abandon classes without following proper procedures for withdrawal will receive a grade of “F” in all classe

Page last updated: March 29, 2017