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Academic Transcripts

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Academic Transcripts

The Federal Educational Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA) requires written permission of the student to release a transcript.

The PIN serves as an electronic signature therefore transcripts may be requested online via the SCORE (www.highlands.edu) or by completing a transcript request form.


Requesting transcripts online via SCORE:

  • Log into SCORE
  • Click on "Student Services"
  • Click on "Student Records"
  • Click on "Request printed academic transcript"
  • Enter where you want the transcript sent
  • Enter transcript type as official, hold for degree posting, or hold for final grades.  If your transcript is being sent electronically please fill in Street Line 3 with the e-mail address where you would like to receive confirmations.
  • Enter number of copies needed, make sure "official" is checked and leave "in progress cut off term" as "none"
    You will receive a confirmation page, click "submit" to enter your request


The Registrar’s Office is pleased to offer electronic transcript delivery. In partnership with SCRIP-SAFE® International, Georgia Highlands College is now able to provide official transcripts delivered through eSCRIP-SAFE® to network recipients or outside the network (OneTime®) to third parties. Please read the following before completing your transcript request.

Network Delivery- Before completing your transcript request; please check the network recipients to see if your intended receiver is a member of the electronic network. If the recipient is in the network, please insert their name on your order form and check electronic network recipient. [The recipient list is updated each Monday].

OneTime® Delivery- If your intended recipient is not a network member and you wish to deliver your transcript electronically, this method may be used. Receivers are designated and identified by you, the requestor, through the recipient’s email address.

  • You should always notify your intended recipient they will be receiving important email messages regarding the electronic delivery of your transcript. To insure delivery of these important email messages, please inform the recipient to add the domain name of @escrip-safe.com to their safe-sender email list.
  • OneTime® receivers must complete a simple registration for each transcript delivered through eSCRIP-SAFE®. There is no software installation for any receiver. A copy of the free Adobe Reader 7.0, or higher, must be installed on the recipient’s computer. The receiver has three options to retain the transcript: (1) save to the institution's document imaging system; (2) save electronically as a PDF document; or (3) print to paper.
  • Your transcript is never delivered by email; email is limited to notification and reminder messages regarding the delivery of your transcript.
  • To use this method, include your recipient’s email and name on the order form and check the electronic outside the network recipient.

Requesting Transcripts By Mail, Fax, or in Person

Transcripts may be requested by:

  • completing a Transcript Request Form available at all Georgia Highlands College campuses
  • by submission of a signed facsimile request
  • completing an on-line transcript request form and mailing or faxing it to the Registrar's office

All written requests should include the student's signature. Other identifying information is also required, such as years of attendance or birth date. The College reserves the right to require additional identifying information in order to protect the student's right to privacy.

There is no charge for transcripts unless the student requests”On Demand” transcripts (walk in and pick up at the campus) which will require a $10.00 processing fee for each transcript requested.

Click here to access the faxable online form


Page last updated: January 14, 2016