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Employee Recognition

Georgia Highlands College

Employee Recognition Program


Recognition Program Goals

  • Support quality teaching and learning;
  • Provide outstanding customer service in all aspects of student and community interaction;
  • Embrace innovation, particularly in technology, in all endeavors;
  • Achieve operational excellence.

Guiding Principles

  • Awards are based on results or behaviors that lead directly to the accomplishment of the institution’s mission and goals.
  • All nominees must  work at least 30 hours on a regular basis and have completed a six month provisional period.
  • All monetary awards are subject to federal and state taxes.
  • Employees who are currently the subject of a disciplinary action are not eligible to receive a recognition award.
  • The nomination/selection process requirements consist of the following:
    • Nominations of eligible employees are welcomed by employees, students and community members;
    • All nominations must be submitted with a nomination narrative;
    • A nomination narrative should be a maximum of 2 pages;
    • A nomination narrative should include a level of detail sufficient enough to evaluate the nominee’s actions or behaviors.
  • Coordination of the Employee Recognition Program is the responsibility of the ERP Committee.
  • Winner selection will be based on committee review.
  • Unless otherwise noted, winners will be informed of selection during the annual award ceremony at Fall In-Service.

Page last updated: October 12, 2016